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You Should Own A Pearl Bag

Pearls are not just a trend- they are a timeless, accessory that continues to be relevant for years to come. Why won’t they? They are classy- tasteful and immediately elevates your look. In times past-we used to think they were reserved for royalty and meant to be worn for serious occasion only!
Not any more! Now pearls can we worn by any one for any occasion they so please to! They can be dressed up for a date with a queen or dressed down for a lunch date with the bae!

So yes there are different reasons you should rock a pearl bag! See some reasons below!

  1. Longevity and consistent relevance
  2. Versatility
  3. Feminine Strength

Types of Pearl Bag

There are different types of pearl bag designs. Of course the general main types of pearls are Faux Pearls and Real Pearls. However, there are different types/designs of pearl bags.

  1. Structured Pearl Bags: Structured pearl bags- like the name implies are structured and hold their own shape-wise. Usually this is because an extra frame has been placed within them for them to hold their own
  2. Wrist-let Pearl Bags: Simply put, these are wrist-let bags , made with pearls- these are gorgeous, unique and lovely!
  3. Long Sling Bags: These types of pearl bags are great if you want to rock your pearl bag casually. Quick Tip: Buy one with a detachable strap so it can double as a clutch! Awesome win!
  4. Different Colors: Faux Pearl bags come in different colors(from shrimps pearl bags, to white pearl bags, )- all are gorgeous but the natural pearl color always wins!

Where to Buy

1.Pearl Bag from Asos:

2.Pearl Bag from Gucci

3.Pearl Bag from Gabino Bags.

4. Pearl Bag from Zara

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