clutch bag for weddings
Clutch Bags

Unique Clutch Purses & Bags That Will Make You Stand Out.

Don’t you just hate it when you wear an outfit or bag and 10 other people are wearing the exact same outfit? There is nothing wrong with having a few people wear the same outfit.But when is mass produced ,everybody-gets-oneish, its exasperating.


THE Cage bag is beautiful, unique and makes you stand out anytime of the day! The cage bag comes in different shapes and colors. Sometimes they come in compact rectangular shapes.

A favorite of mine the Bird Cage Bag. This cage clutch bag is iconic! Never trendy, always stylish!

The Bird cage bag first came to light when the gorgeous Solange Knowles rocked it on a night out with her husband. Solange Knowles styles is eclectic unique and so is this bird cage bag! Thankfully you can get this at a discount from Gabino Bags.

Another shape of clutch bag is the ring cage bag. The most endearing thing about this clutch bag is the fact that it is versatile! Rock with your traditional outfit, your evening outfit or a fun day out!


Want a really really unique clutch bag only you can have? Try personalized clutch purses! You get to write what you want right on your clutch bag. Ladies make personalized clutch purses for events such as weddings, bridal showers. If you are a really creative head, you may decided to add a little detail to your clutch bag to make it truly representative to you


Card clutches are a departure from the regular stoned clutch bag. Chic and unique, the card clutch purse elevates your outfit instantly.

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