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Types of Corporate Gowns & Bags Every Nigerian Lady Should Have

Be it official, business or corporate functions, there is a need for every lady to think far from the usual casual wear and look gorgeous in that corporate dress.

Your corporate gown should go with an appropriate corporate bag.


On this article, we will be looking at some of the types of corporate gowns and bags that every lady in Nigeria should have to make them look nice and smart for any function that demands it.


There are bags made for some kind of outings and functions and while some are also multipurpose, but if what you desire as a lady is a corporate bag then you can rely on any of the under listed bags  

  1. The Snake Skin Bag:
    One of the ways to go corporate is by matching the snakeskin bag with a nice corporate gown that will make you go a step further to your normal fashion. The geometric shape of this bag will no doubt leave you looking all corporate and dashing.Sharp Madame Crocodile Pattern Bag in brown colour (2)
  2. The Statement Bag:
    The statement bag has an inspirational look that is drawn from the Off-White colour that fits any colour of official dress most especially gowns.There are different versions made available for this gorgeous-looking bag, but the Zara version of this product is about one of the cheapest and fashionable designer bag you can get.
  3. The Earth-Conscious Bag:
    This designer bag is well structured, sleek, and also well built for any environmental condition that will help it last longer.For any form of formal occasion or meeting, you can always make use of the bag with the aid of the attached cross-body rope that is made from excess or stocked materials.The bag is not just suitable for official and business purposes but can also be used casually for normal functions.
  4. The Royals-Inspired Bag:
    The Royals-Inspired Bag is a bag made from a fancy little boxy-shaped bag that has a regal look and can be worn exclusively for corporate functions.This stylish bag can be matched with black tights and a cool gown that has a cool peter pan collar. It is made handy and also be hanged with the cross belt.
  5. The Logo Bag:
    This bag is made exclusively by Fendi, and it is one of the best designer bags that can be worn both casually and corporately.Everyone career lady in Nigeria deserves to have one of this logo-splashed piece that is made with an iconic print on the flap.It also featured a gold hardware for the luxury look you have always craved to look all corporate and official.
  6. The Woven Bag:
    If you are planning to look corporate and you are thinking of the kind of bag you should use that will complement your outfit without much attraction, then you can look in the direction of the woven bag.Apart from a corporate affair, you can also use this bag recreationally. It is made of whimsical accessory that will brighten up your corporate dress.It can be best worn by matching it with a polka dot design gown.
  7. The Micro Bag:
    Known officially as “Le Chiquita” mini bag, it is not too large as it is designed for use when you are going for an official or corporate function that you don’t need to carry many accessories other than your phone, keys, and credit cards.
  8. The Belt Bag:
    The uniqueness in this bag is that you can decide to use it as a cross-body bag or alternatively remove the straps and just hold it in your hands.The bag is made handy and comes in multi functional ways that completely light up your looks and also used for any corporate dress.
  9. The Embellished Strap Bag:
    As a career lady who also derives pleasure after work hour, you can choose to go for this bag made with interchangeable straps.This bag can function well for all kind of functions ranging from daytime corporate and casual to nighttime luxury by taking away the strap to make it have a top handle-only look.


TOP GOWNS STYLES FOR OFFICE LADIESoffice gown styles for Nigerian ladies

As a career Nigerian lady looking for how to climb the career ladder and getting greater achievements in the day to day official activities, then you will need to look out for that corporate gown that is made with tailored styles and also smart casual.

Stylish, handy, tailored, and flexible gowns will help you speak out your professionalism, independence, and individuality when it comes to your wardrobe quality and it also makes you look not just corporate but smart.

  1. Derby Day:
    This stylishly made corporate gown will leave you looking all elegant, beautiful, and twirling as you step out for an official activity. Every lady willing to look corporate should not hesitate to go for one of this gown, as it will leave you smart all day long.
  2. Pretty In Print:
    Made exclusively for formal or official functions, it is made to cover up the arms and also to skim the waist.It is a printed flute sleeve dress that is made from Threadz and is designed beautifully with a combined dainty tile print with an easy to wear shift style that is good for countries with warm weathers like Nigeria.
  3. Minimalist Moment:
    As a career Nigerian lady that deserves a good look in a corporate dress, the minimalist moment gown is made to give you a simplistic look.You will not be doing a bad thing but rather doing yourself a lot of good if you decide to go for this dress especially with the simplistic style and neutral colour it is made with.
  4. Working Ways :
    For any kind of official duty, work function, or board meeting this gown will leave you looking confident among your colleagues. This fashion style is something to also reckon with especially in this present fashion trend.
  5. Confident :
    This fashionably made corporate gown can be worn not only for official functions but it is rather made to give a classy look at a wedding function, public meeting and for both at work and after work duties.
  6. Office Gal :
    As a Nigerian lady that desire to look stylish and follow the fashion trend in the most corporate way, then having one of this dress will give you that desired look you have always wanted to look corporate and cool at the same time.
  7. Botanical Beauty:
    This gown is made with vivacious and energetic colour that will make you not just look official or corporate but also looking so fabulous.
  8. office gown with botanical designs

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