mummy thinking of shopping for the baby she is carrying-min

Top Ten Places Where to Buy Baby Things Online In Nigeria

Looking for where to buy baby things? This list is all you need! Moms have a lot to deal with in terms of caring for their newborn baby and may most times find strolling down the aisle in a very large shopping mall in search of baby essentials a daunting task. Often times, after spending so much time at a store or mall going from one aisle to another, perusing a variety of baby products, one may not find what they are looking for.  

mummy thinking of shopping for the baby she is carrying-min

There are quite a number of great stores that sell varieties of high quality baby items in Nigeria and have built a massive and trustworthy presence online, offering mothers the convenience and ease of shopping for all items they will need for their babies from the comfort of their homes. Shopping for baby essentials online save moms a lot of time and energy and aside this, a mother can get to read reviews of other mothers and make her own research about a particular product she is looking to purchase.

Best Online Baby Boutiques And Stores in Nigeria

So, if you are looking to purchase clothing for your newborn baby, furniture, cribs and other essentials for your new born, here are ten great online stores to patronize in Nigeria.

  1. PEP:
    With outlets at almost every turn in Nigeria, PEP stores is an international discount retailer that offers genuine, affordable and durable products at discounted prices. They also have an online presence where you can purchase good quality merchandise for your baby.
    Bonus Store:
    GABINO BAGS: Gabino Bags is Nigeria’s number 1 store for baby bags and diaper bags.
    Shop baby and diaper bags here
  2. Jumia:
    One of the largest e-commerce site in Nigeria, Jumia is home for genuine and high quality merchandise. This online site also offer baby and mother care products. There is a great selection of genuine baby products to explore at the best price and you get all the right products you will need for your baby. From baby formula to car seats and diapers, baby bottle, baby cream, or any other baby essentials, Jumia has all your baby needs covered.
    For Mothers who are overwhelmed with business or other activities such as caring for their newborn baby, is sure to deliver your goods to your door step and you get to choose your mode of payment either by cash on delivery or POS on delivery. This online store offer high quality and reliable baby products of trusted and popular brands such as huggies, pampers, nestle, Tommee Tippee etc.
  4. Early Years: exist solely for the happiness and convenience of families. They focus on making children look good, feel good and play well. They have thousands of well stock up authentic products which includes baby carrier, shoes, shirts, car   seats, rockers and so much more. Aside from products they offer, also plan kiddies’ parties.
  5. Shopville:
    As a new mom, you will have a lot to worry about and may just not have the time to stop by a baby store in search of genuine products for your baby. is an online store that specializes in products for babies, kids and maternity. They sell top brands such as Huggies, pampers, Enfamil, Johnson and Johnson etc.
    For the best online services and great selection of high quality products at low prices, is a one stop store for all your needs.  Whatever item you may need for your baby, will give you the best service online at affordable price
  7. Dafun-shop: claim the position as one of Nigeria’s leading online store that offer a vast range of kids’ products. You can safely and easily browse through their products and purchase items with the guarantee of receiving your order within 1-5 working days depending on your location.
  8. Simplyinfants: is an online store that suits the working mothers. This online store offer superb customer service, making sure that mothers get only the best for their babies without hassles. Their range of products and services are second to none and they deliver products at your door step at no extra costs. Their products ranging from bouncers, walkers, breast pumps, car seats, cereal and formula, changing pads and much more are sourced from USA.
  9. Kiddies Treasure:
    If you are looking for a one stop shop for all your newborn baby’s essentials then will meet your needs. They provide a wide range of high quality and fabulous baby and toddler items at incredible prices and they also offer baby and mum packages for expectant mothers with a checklist of newborn baby’s needs.
  10. Babies 21: makes shopping for baby items from the comfort of your home all exciting and worthwhile as they offer everything a mother could possibly need for the care of her baby. They offer a wide range of quality products at low prices and they deliver nationwide.

The above listed online stores stock only the best products for baby, kids and mother care. They aim at making shopping easier and provide great customer service.Bonus Store:
GABINO BAGS: Gabino Bags is Nigeria’s number 1 store for baby bags and diaper bags. Shop baby and diaper bags here

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