Top Online Boutiques in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja)

Online clothing stores are a necessity. They make it easy to shop without even leaving your location. Online boutiques in Lagos and indeed Nigeria as a whole have come a long way. Quite a number of them have made shopping online a very good experience. Whether it is bags (clutch bags, mini bags) or dresses, whatever your needs are, it is inevitable that you will find a store that meets your needs easily.

Below as some of the top online boutiques in Nigeria. A lot of online boutiques in Abuja and Lagos tend to be very heavy on Instagram. Some do not have a website you can easily shop from so you may have to scroll down their Instagram timeline to shop. Most of the ones listed below have websites which makes it easier to shop

  • Miskay Boutique: Miskay Boutique broke into the scene by giving us fresh designs, fast fashion and using popular faces like Mocheddah and Laura Ikeji. Visit their website: www.miskayboutique.com to shop or follow them on Instagram @miskayboutique
  • Gabino Bags: When it come to bags, Gabino Bags is the most trusted bag store in the whole of Nigeria. Gabino is well known for selling quality leather bags, offering fair competitive pricing and latest stylish designs on all bags. One best thing about Gabino Bags is that all the bags are LEATHER
  • Gabino Wholesales: Gabino wholesales is a spin-off Gabino bags. You can leverage on the relationship Gabino has with factories and top importers and buy items at cheap prices.
  • Andriasworld.ng : Andrias World brings us classy fashion at reasonable prices. Their website is a place to shop when you want to shop a variety of outfits. Visit Andrias world here
  • Debrasgrace.com: Quite similar to Andrias world, Debras grace is a place to get functional and trendy outfits at friendly prices.

Buy Cheap Clothes and Bags Online in Lagos

  • Lugaya Store: For pre-loved Designer bags such as Gucci,Prada and other brands, shop at Lugaya Store. They do not sell on their Lugaya website so you may have to shop via their Instagram- @lugayastore. Or send them a WhatsApp message to 09090166473
  • Posh Rawyalty Boutique: Poshrawyalty boutique has become very popular for their sales party where the sell shirts for as cheap as N2500. Attempts to place orders have shown that they usually sell out so fast its almost impossible to get one, but if their prices is anything to go by, they are very cheap. Posh Rawyalty also as a physical shop on Allen Avenue.
  • Dress Rite Ng: Dress Rite is also another affordable online boutique to shop from. Quite like PoshRawyaltyBoutique- they also have a physical store in ikeja
  • Wardrobe Merchant: Run by popular style influencer- Obis Ora, Wardrobe Merchant is a place to if you want quality bags at friendly prices.

Online Thrift Stores in Nigeria

If what you desire is an online thrift store in Nigeria where things are sold at ridiculously cheap rates, then fasten your seat belts. One thing to note however is that thrift clothes means okrika, at least the in the Nigeria contetx. So most of the stores below sell preloved items.

  • Kidgaya: My favourite online shop has to be Kidgaya. Kidgaya sells fairly used kiddies books at ridiculous prices. It is on business everyone should know.
  • Shop.Nandra; @shop.nandra: Shop Nandra is classy, tasteful and super-affordable. They sell trendy items at friendly prices. Like many thrifted store, they do not have a website neither do they have a physical address though they periodically host POP-UP shops
  • Lugaya Store: If you love to wear big name brands but would like to be Frugal with your spending, then Lugaya Store is your online boutique. Lugaya Store sell thrifted designer bags and shoes at super friendly prices. Lugaya store does not have a website but you can find them on Instagram @Lugayastore
  • Soul Orange Vintage: Do you like vintage clothes? The Soul Orange Vintage isyour place. Soul Orange Sells vintage clothes Instagram @soulorangevintage
  • Walk In My Shoes : @walkinmy shoes on Instragram, they sell thrifted shoe. With @walkinmyshoes, you can find shoes for as low as N2000.
  • Step in Stephs: Is a lot like Shop-Nandra. Well displayed, nice aestheics, modern taste

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