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Top 10 Popular Designer Bag Brands For Bag Lovers

designer bag brand store

By now we are well aware that designer brands and labels are the rave of the fashion world . This is not a concept alien the average bag lover.Somehow, I feel that our generation is blessed to spring up in an era where we have access to the finest things, where we can connect with top designers, not face to face ( though a few are privileged ) but through their brands.

Top Most Popular Designer Bag Brands

Below are Top 10 designer bag brands known for their iconic designs, timeless piece and perfect touches that make them stand the test of time and have made a massive impact in the fashion world.

  1. FENDI
Toke Makinwa In her Fendi Bag
Toke Makinwa In her Fendi Bag

You can’t help but fall in love with the classic, exquisitely crafted and flamboyant Fendi bags. Fendi is an Italian luxury and fashion house with headquarters in Rome; it was birthed when Adele Casagrande born 1897 opened a leather and fur shop in Via del Plebiscito in Rome. She later married Edoardo Fendi, this brought about the change in the company’s name. Fendi bags are amongst the worlds most desired bags ranging from purses, wallet on chain to shoulder bags. This brand is popularly identified with the inverted FF logo which was created by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965 when he joined the brand.
Amongst Fendi’s iconic bag collections are two very prominent timeless pieces. The Peekaboo bag and the Baguette bag. These two bags have helped to shape the brands influence, catapulting the brand to an enviable spot in the fashion world. It is popularly said that the success of Fendi bag brand lies in the fact that it is a brand made by women for women.

  • COACH 

    Founded by Lilian Cahn in Manhattan in 1961 with her husband, Miles, the Coach Leatherware Company prides itself in luxury exceptional designs and remarkable craftsmanship.
    With bags such as the Reversible Signature Tote bag, Signature Sierra Satchel, Crossgrain Leather Cross Body, Rogue and Swagger, Coach, an American bag brand has dominated the bag market for over 70 years and has been consistent ever since in dishing out iconic designs that has placed it at a very high rank as one of the world best women selling bag brands.

  • GUCCI:
  • linda ikeji with her Gucci bag
    linda ikeji with her Gucci bag

    Gucci is also an Italian luxury fashion house with Italian craftsmanship and creativity at its finest, this brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florentino in 1921. Without an iota of doubt, Gucci is one of the world’s leading brand in the fashion world…it’s a house hold name too. 97 years in the world of fashion accessories, the Gucci brand has remained true in delivering eclectic ranges of bags from the cross body Marmount, to the Swing Leather Tote, Dionysus and Soho Shoulder bag. Indeed, this iconic bag brand keeps souring to greater heights breaking boundaries in designer bags world.

  • Tonto Dike with her Chanel Le Boy Bag
    Tonto Dike with her Chanel Le Boy Bag

    Chanel… the brand with the CC logo we are so much in love with. Coco Chanel founded the house of Chanel in 1909. This French privately held Company now owned by the grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer who was an early business partner of Coco Chanel, caters to women’s taste for elegance, style and class. Chanel bags features unique techniques, timeless designs with remarkable stitches. Investing in a Chanel bag is worth it.Website:

  • temi otedola with her louis vuitton travelling bag-min
    temi otedola with her louis vuitton travelling bag-min

    There has been rumours going on for years that the Louis Vuitton brand burn their bags at the end of the year If the bags are not all sold out , to avoid putting a lower price on them. Louis Vuitton, commonly shortened to LV is a French Fashion House founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854. It currently operates in 50 countries, Canada, Cyprus and Hong Kong, just to mention a few. LV bags for a fact are durable, easy to maintain does not fade or wear out and it’s a favorite among celebrities. In year 2012, Louis Vuitton was named the world’s most valuable luxury brand for the seventh year in a row! Website:

    Born April 9, 1963, the 55 years old American Fashion designer and a former creative director of Louis Vuitton fashion house is a brand to acknowledge in the fashion world. His bag designs are beautiful, elegant but yet casual. From the Marc Jacobs Camera Bag to Marc Jacobs Bird bag, all his designs stand out in superb quality. Website:
    They are totally worth your money, this I can assure you. This bag brand irrespective of the flooded bag market, occupies an uncontestable spot in the bag market. If you are that ‘it girl’ who loves to stand out and show off while announcing your arrival, Hermes bag can do the talking for you. This brand since 1922 when its first bag was introduced, has been dishing out iconic designs with breath taking colours, leaving the fashion world and bag lovers in awe. Website:
    Born in Long Island, New York in 1955, Michael Kors is a fashion Icon one cannot fail to recognize. He first started out with female ready to wear dresses and has proved himself to be a very talented designer. Michael Kor handbags broke into the bag market in 2004 and ever since has not failed to impress with exquisite designs Website
    Christian Dior fashion houses are all over the world and has no doubt earned its spot on the iconic designers list. Christian Dior, a French fashion designer is best known as the founder of one of the world’s best fashion houses. The brand’s bags designs are nothing short of awesome. Website :
    Quality, stylish and sophisticated are words to describe this brand. In 1993, when Kate Moss and her husband identified a market for quality stylish bags, her bags have gained massive popularity ever since. Her bags are a favorite among women of all ages. Website :
  • The above bags will all ways be sought after and will remain timeless. Looking to make a statement? Looking to show off and stand out? Be still and let your brand do the talking for you.

    Designer Bags in Lagos

    There are quite a number of stores that sell designer bags in Lagos. If you are looking to buy designer bags made buy Nigerian designers, take a look at this list and take a pick.If you are looking for more popular designer brands such as FENDI, Gucci and much more, there are definitely numerous stores to buy from. However the question usually is , where can you buy a an authentic designer bag? Here is a fact, it’s difficult to tell in country like Nigeria where these top designer brands do not have stores where you can go to authenticate the bags in question.
    If you are still keen on owning a. designer bag in Lagos, Abuja or any other part of the country, you can try out one of the many designer stores. Try the Polo store for brand new designer bags or try @lugayastore on Instagram where they sell preloved designer bags at a small fraction of the regular price.

    Gucci Bags in Nigeria

    Gucci bags a great status symbol in Nigeria. One glimpse of the GG logo on any part of your bag and the onlooker instantly knows they are in presence of a style conscious person.
    Looking to buy Gucci bags in Nigeria? You are in good company! Follow the instructions listed above for buying designer bags in Nigeria and you are good to go!


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