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The Thing about PU Leather Bags

As you probably already know, Gabino Bags focuses on selling only leather bags. Whether cowhide leather bags or snakeskin leather bags (mostly on pre-order) our love for real leather bags is unparalleled. In recent times we have noticed that some customers do not know the difference between leathers and we try to educate them each time. Today we are going to be talking about PU leather bags

PU leathers are man-made synthetic leathers. PU is the short form for polyurethane leather . They are made from thermoplastic polymer. PU leathers is an imitation- a copy of real leathers. They are not real leathers like cowhide, snakeskin or crocodile skin

What are the Cons of PU Leather?

  • Durability: Though relatively durable, PU leathers cannot be compared to real animal skin leathers that last and last when well taken care of.
  • Lighter: PU leathers are generally lighter than real leathers . Real leathers are much more thicker.
  • Potentially Harmful: Because of the substance PU leather is made of, it has been found that it can be potentially be harmful to your health.

The Pros of PU Leather

Affordable: PU leather is definitely more affordable than real leather bags. That is why you see them in abundance on every lady’s arms. It’s a beautiful way to have different styles of bags if you cannot afford real leather bags.

Vegan: If you are vegan, you would not want to have / carry real animal skin leather bags. PU leather bags is a great way to rock real leather bags with

After reading the pros and cons of PU leather bags, i hope you are able to make a decision between buying a real leather bag or a PU leather bag. If you are interested in buying real leather bags, shop via our website here or send us a Whatsapp message on 08055236339

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