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Ten Bag Stores in Africa that Sell African Themed/Afrocentric Bags (Nigeria, Kenya , S.A etc)

Looking for an African bag store to buy afrocentric bags?You see, everyone these days carry around a portion of African style with them. The recent trending fashion pieces are African bags. Our  different cultures and traditions has really helped in the fashion world as unique pieces and original, traditional techniques are incorporated to create timeless pieces, most especially, African bags which are fast gaining momentum in the international fashion industry, this is not so surprising.

If you are looking for a bag store that sells a range of classic, timeless and sophisticated African bags, the following African stores can serve as home for you.

Here are top 10 bag stores in Africa that sells African bags and where you can get them.

Zashadu – Nigerian Bag Store

Zashadu store, located at number 60 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi, Lagos is one of the leading top ten stores that sell African bags. Founded by Zainab Ashadu, Zashadu luxury store is a leading top notch luxury brand in the area of hand-crafted leather pieces. Among their bag collections are the Shoulder bag, Mini bags, Top handle bags, Clutches and Evening purses etc.

Visit their website on or you can follow them on instagram@zashadu .com
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OKAPI STORES (South African Bag Store)

Okapi is one of the finest luxury brands to have come out of Africa in recent times. This South African luxury brand was created by Hanneli Rupert in 2008. The interesting thing is that Hanneli Rupert was a South African painter who wanted to create a masterpiece of locally produced and well-crafted products that can stand the test of time.

Okapi stores boasts of intoxicatingly beautiful bags which you’ll never regret having. Hanneli’s bags such as the Aziri, Yemaja, Lamia, are all named after African goddesses and queens. You see why we are so excited about these investment pieces?

You can check out some of these pieces and shop for any of your choices at  

ZAAF COLLECTIONS (Ethiopian Bag Store)

Abai Schulze is the founder and brand creator of Zaaf collections stores. This store has made it to the list of top ten stores that sell African bags because, not only do they specialize in superior quality leather goods and accessories, these goods are  masterfully handcrafted by skilled workers in Ethiopia. Founded in February, 2014, ZAAF offers a broad range of fashion accessories for both men and women including handbags. Zaaf stores in Addis Ababa is located Near Atlas hotel, behind Shalla public park and are open from Mondays to Saturdays from 9 am to 6 30 pm. You can also visit them on or on their Instagram page @zaafcollections

Bush Princess – Kenyan Bag Store

Bush princess has stores in the UK, France, United States, and branches around kenya. One of the stores in Kenya is Located at House of Treasures number 70 Dagoretti Road, Karen, Nairobi, Bush Princess is a one –stop shopping emporium offering home décor, furniture, art pieces and bags which are masterfully crafted in fabulous colors of African plains. Created by Charlotte Lefebvre originally from Sweden but now leaves in Kenya with her husband, her family.

Visit this store on their website or on Instagram @ _bushprincess_

HAMETHOP (South African Bag Store)                                                   

Located at 24 Albrecht Street, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg, 2043, South Africa, Hamethop is a South African luxury brand store. We can confidently say it is one of the favorite luxury stores in South Africa today. Hamethop has a unique way of integrating luxury, design, textile and art in creating different designs of hand bags and other accessories. The Founder, Tsakani Mashaba, employs the services of master crafters and weavers to work with the brand. You can check out more timeless pieces on Instagram @hamethop

Minku – Nigerian Bag Store

Minku specializes in clothing and leather products such as bags, luggage etc. for men and women. Founded in 2011 By Kunmi Otitoju, Minku encompasses a love for natural materials and a desire to delight through designs. or visit their Instagram page @minku

  SUAVE KENYA (Kenyan Bag Store)

Suave Kenya is located in Nairobi, Kenya. This company founded by Mohammed Awale transforms old to new, trash to treasure and rags to riches. The company majorly work with second hand traders, tanneries and factories where their materials are sourced from. These materials are then crafted into sophisticated and intoxicatingly beautiful Backpacks, bags and accessories. This luxury brand store boasts of a collection of messenger bags, backpacks, laptop sleeves and a whole lot more. Believe it or not, according to Mohammed Awale himself, no two bags are similar. Visit their website on or you can follow them Instagram handle@suave_ke

Wolf & Maiden – South African Bag Store

Wolf and Maiden is amongst the top ten African stores that sell African bags. Located at number 297 Albert road, Woodstock Cape Town, South Africa, Wolf and Maiden first line of services were on divine inspiration by of Wade Ross Skinner in early 2011 after a visit to India… Now, these guys are one of the biggest names when you talk of African Luxury stores in South Africa.  Talk about twists and turns right?

Visit them on of you can follow them on Instagram @wolfandmaiden

Teespoon Boutique – Senegal Bag Store

Senegal’s culture has a great influence on fashion and luxury items so it is no surprise that Teneasha Pierson, founder and creative director of the teespoon brand, incorporates this ideas and has every  piece designed and crafted by local artisans using traditional methods that have travelled down from age to age.

Follow them on instagram@teespoonboutique

ILUNDI DESIGNS (South African Bag Store)

Ilundi’s designs are of the finest quality materials available within South Africa. They boasts of handmade African bags, and other ageless accessories. or follow them Instagram ilundi_designs

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