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Quality Leather Handbags: Facts No One Will Tell You

Leather is a tough, indestructible and flexible material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or other similar process. The most commonly used for handbags is the cowhide which is the natural skin and hair of a cow, not made lighter or whiter by chemicals.

Undeniably, bags are major fashion accessories for women and men and so shopping for one should be done meticulously because your choice of bag can go a long way in saying much about your fashion style.

In Nigeria, the term leather has been used loosely- when in fact not all leathers are quality leathers

There are leathers like PU leathers- these are synthetic leather made from rubber to look like leathers. Some people may tell you they are leather but are not.Some even call them genuine leather thereby deceiving the unsuspecting customer.

When you buy a good quality leather handbag, you get value for you money!

So Why should you invest in an Authentic Quality leather bag?

Leather bags gives an outfit that extra glamour and style, believe me nothing exudes confidence like an outfit complimented with real leather bag.

Below are some benefits why you should buy a leather bag

Longevity/ Durability: This is the first reason why we should buy leather bags. Its ability to withstand wear, tear and pressure and stay intact for a very long period of time makes the leather bag. This is a reason why they do not come cheap.

  • Ageless: one thing that makes the leather bag unique is that it is not affected by the passage of time, or changes in fashion. Of all the other materials used in producing bags, we are yet to find any that matches or surpasses the elegant and fashionable look that a leather bag gives. No matter the design or color, a genuine leather bag gives off an attractive combination of vitality and glamour to your look.
  • Environmental friendly: Leather is 100 percent natural. No chemicals are used in processing it. We know that the bag market is rife with fake leather bags which of course have been produced with synthetic products which in turn maybe harmful to the skin. Genuine leather bags on the other hand is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organism, thereby avoiding pollution. Choosing to buy leather bags are a way of preserving our environment from
  • Quality: If you desire to rock a bag of superior standard, then leather bags are your best call. It does not wear off and can last you for as long as five years, giving you the value of your money, unlike other synthetic bags
  • Versatile: Genuine leather becomes your best companion when it comes to carrying everything you may need either for a weekend trip or travel meetings. You need not fear about your bag breaking open because of heavy essentials you may have carried. In fact the more you make use of it, the more it becomes softer and more flexible to carry your essentials. It is resistant to dust mites, fungal attacks, and dry abrasion.

Types of Leather

Purchasing Leather products are great and have many advantages and benefits, however, it is pertinent to have at least a little knowledge of the types of leathers available in the market today

  • Cowhide: The most popular and accepted leather is the Cowhide. It is usually presented in their natural colors; unbleached. Almost every leather products are made from cowhide from clothing to Bags and even shoes. Cowhide leather are usually very heavy but they are comfortable and flexible.
  • After the cowhide, the Sheepskin which is the hide of a sheep is the second most popular leather there is today. However, unlike the cowhide, leather processed from sheep skin are usually very soft, and lightweight. Clothing made from the sheepskin are very comfortable, providing physical ease and relaxation to the wearer. Note that unlike the other types of leather, the sheepskin is tanned with its fleece intact. The fleece is that woolly covering of a sheep
  • Another type of leather is the Pigskin. The Pig skin has similarities with the cow skin only that it is thicker and very much impenetrable. Leather made from pigskin is flexible and very much comfortable to wear and carry around. It is often referred to as the most genuine leather skin hides in the leather manufacturing industry today. If you come across a product marked “Genuine leather” it is likely to have been made solely from pigskin.
  • Goat skin: Leather made from the skin of a goat although narrower than cowhide is very good leather. It is extremely durable and commonly used to make gloves, rugs, coats and bags.
  • Apart from the above leather types. There are also some types of leather fabrics termed Exotic leather. They are used for clothing and other leather products but are considered ‘unethical leather’ due to the way they are sourced and majorly because the animals from which the leather are sourced are usually at risk. Such animals are snakes, alligators and crocodiles. Without a doubt, the leather from the skin of these animals are very appealing and voguish. They are strong, flexible and they cost a lot of money.

Grades of Leather

Full grain Leather: Full grain leather have no inferior added substances. They are that pure and unadulterated part of the leather where the skin indentations of the animal is still very much noticeable. It is smooth, polished and rich in texture. The full grain is the outer unaltered layer of the animal skin. The natural texture, hide and other blemishes comes to light fully

Top Grain Leather: Most sellers of leather products will want to confuse you by stating that the full grain leather and the top grain leather are the same thing. Please don’t fall for it. The top grain leather is the top layer of the animal hide that has been altered one way or another, perhaps sanded down to wipe off blemishes and conceal imperfections. Altering or sanding the hide makes the leather weaker which in turn has defeated the purpose of getting a leather bag in the first place.

Where to Buy Authentic Quality Leather Handbags in Nigeria

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