tyra banks in office outfit
Bag Styling

How To Choose a Professional Work/Office Bag

tyra banks in office outfit
              What bag should a stylish office lady rock? That’s the question!

The professional work/office bag is not just any bag, there are some unspoken rules that help you achieve an optimal corporate look. Pay attention to the tips below and you are sure to be singled out as a power dresser all because of your bag.

Sometime ago while I still worked the nine to five job, I doubled as an admin officer and a secretary in the HR’s office and so anytime an interview is scheduled to take place, I will be there taking reports on the performance of the candidates. So it happened the position of a Records officer was vacant and needed to be filled. Preferably a female candidate. During the interview, the two candidates had done so well that my bosses were confused on who to pick after much deliberation, they couldn’t come up with a choice; both candidates were good but only one was needed.

“Pick the second” The Company’s consultant said

Every one turned to look at him

“Why are they looking at me? Did you not all see how tattered the first candidates bag was? I mean it’s a records office job and taking care of Company’s important files and documents. If she can’t invest in a good bag that carries her important things one how then can she handle the files entrusted in her care? Pick the second

corporate/work/office bag idea

I sat there with my mouth wide open as it dawned on me that a lady had just missed out on her chances of a job because of how tattered her bag was.

Every career professional needs a dependable and secure work bag that suits his or her work settings. So how do you choose the right bag as a professional woman or man?

Professional Work/Office Bag for Women

There is one thing every woman has in common and agrees upon, be it the simple jean and Tee shirt girl kind of girl or corporate woman. Hand bags. Without a doubt handbags are the most “worked” accessories a woman owns. If there is something every woman needs in her wardrobe to complete her attire as a professional office woman, it’s a good quality, attractive and functional handbag to keep her office essentials safe and organized, and to carry all she needs for a day at the office.

Steps to Choosing the Right Professional Work/ Office Bag for Women

Here are steps to choose the right bag for professional work/office bag.  

  1. Material: A good work/office  bag should stand the test of time so opt for a bag with high quality material, this is really important. Choose a bag made with tough material that can be able to withstand the weather without the bag deteriorating. Avoid bags with logos too easy to notice to avoid attracting attention at the workplace or in a board meeting. However, if you work in the field, or meeting up with clients, then a fancy and classy handbag is an advantage to make an impression.
  2. Size: When choosing a bag for the office, take into consideration the size of the bag before you purchase. Your handbag should be big enough to accommodate all your items you need for a day at the office without being heavy. Instead of cluttering items in a bag, go for a larger sized bag if you will be carrying a lot of paperwork from the office to your home or vice versa.
  3. Structure: How a bag is shaped adds to its aesthetic beauty. So choose a shape that can blend in to the office settings. Avoid obnoxious shaped bags and make sure you do not carry so much to avoid the bag losing its original structure which can make your bag look bulky. Also, go for a bag that has at least one external zip pocket and a few internal pockets to keep your phone, keys and pen to aid easy access.

If you commute to work via public transport, avoid bags with embellishments on them or fancy work. The stress of hustling for public transportation can easily wear them out or cause the embellishment to begin to fade or fall out.  Explore bags with colors that can turn an ordinary work outfit into something classy and chic.

Professional Work/Office Bags for Men

Bags for professional men have evolved from the classic briefcase. Although the briefcase is a timeless accessory and the most popular of all men work bags, there are now current styles for the professional man to arrive in style. All that is needed is for you to pick the right one that suits you and your environment.

 Choosing the Right Professional Work/Office Bag for Women

When choosing the perfect work bag for a woman, take these little details into consideration!

  1. High quality material: choosing an office bag made from high quality material is essential. You can go for a leather briefcase bag. Leather is expensive but it is    the most reliable and long lasting textile. To give you that refined and suave look.
  2. Space: Go for a bag with considerable amount of space you need to carry your office essentials and that can be carried with ease. If you will be carrying a lot, especially paperwork or a laptop, Instead of stuffing the bag to full capacity, go for a larger bag.
  3. Embellishments: As a professional man, your work bag should be simple without all of the fancy material or embellishment that might not go well with the professional atmosphere in your office. However, if you are field officer, then going with a fancy bag can make a good and lasting impression on your clients.

Your work bags tell a lot about your personality and style and people tend to form their opinions about you merely by looking at your bag.

tyra banks in office outfit
            Do you now know the type of bag you will suggest for Tyra Banks? 😉

Choose right, and stay classy.

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