Peep Art Diaper Bag for Elegant Mums(in Classic Navy Blue Color)


The Peep Art diaper bag for elegant mums is both artsy and practical! The painting on both sides of the pockets is symbolic of a refined taste

This diaper bag’s color palette is chic and classic.

Well-sectioned, the Peep Art diaper bag’s interior is divided into sections meant to easily accommodate the different items a mum has to carry around

Created for mum’s comfort, this beautiful bag is made to be easy to carry. So depending on your mood, outfit or personal style, you can rock as a handbag or a backpack. The hand is padded so the bag does not affect your neck. It can also be hung on your baby’s walker for easy carriage.


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The Peep Art Diaper Bag for Elegant Mums is

  1. Spacious and Roomy.
  2. Stylish and Classy.
  3. 3 Way Carry System.
  4. Multi-Compartmentalized.
  5. Insulated pockets.
  6. Space easy to reach wipes & towels.
  7. Space for everything you need.
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