Floral Flora Stylish Diaper Bag for Mums in Nigeria (Green Color)


The Floral Flora Diaper bag was specifically made for Stylish mums in Nigeria who prioritize functionality and style. It’s not enough to have a stylish diaper bag! It also has to be super functional. This is exactly what this diaper bag is- stylish, functional and absolutely gorgeous!

Here are the reasons the Floral Flora Diaper bag is perfect for you!

3-WAY CARRIAGE: The Floral Flora bag is easy to carry and will fit whatever occasion. You can carry it as a handbag, grab it or even carry it as a backpack!

MULTI-COMPARTMENTALIZED: There is a space for everything! As a mum, it;s important that you have a diaper bags that has spaces and compartments for everything-that way things don’t get lost in the mix and your diaper bag is easy to manage.

INSULATED COMPARTMENTS: Insulated compartments¬†ensure that items placed in them are kept in their temperature . This is perfect for when you don’t want to keep mixing hot milk for your baby.Just mix it in your baby’s feeding bottle, put it in the special compartment for feeding bottle and it is kept warm for you because of the insulation!

SPACIOUS YET DESIGNED FOR EASY CARRIAGE: You will be shocked at the amount of things this diaper bag can “swallow”! It was specifically designed to utilize space effectively!

EASY TO CLEAN & WIPE: The surface does not absorb dirt so it’s easy to to easily wipe and clean when things spill on them like they usually do.

STYLISH YET SUPER CUTE: The color is beautiful, the patterns are stylish! The Floral Flora bag is all you need in a diaper bag for sure!

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The Floral Flora Stylish Diaper Bag is perfect for you because it is;

  1. Super-Stylish yet functional
  2. Multi-Compartmentalized
  3. Insulated compartments
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Strong and durable
  6. Spacious!
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