The Ice Princess Clutch Bag:Golden Luxury Comes Alive


Luxury, Gorgeous Plush- these 3 words define the Ice Princess Clutch Bag. This golden clutch purse is  iconic! Every bit of this clutch bag commands attention. Packed with plush rhinestone diamonds, what you get is a rich glow- not the cheap type!

Every aspect of this clutch bag is quality- think high-end synthetic leather for lining . The Ice Princess Clutch also has a quality magnetic buckle

Not only is the clutch purse gorgeous, it also comes in a gorgeous packaging too.Click on the video to watch the gorgeous rotate in real life!


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The Ice Princes Clutch Bag is

  • 1.2 kg
  • Lining is synthetic leather
  • Made from metal Magnetic buckle
  • Rhinestone hollow metal diamond


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