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Rare Royalty RhineStone Bag


Matchless. Unequalled. Unrivalled. Three words to best describe this closely knit bejeweled bag.It comes with dazzling rhinestones that catch the light. Uniquely bucket-shape, the Rare Royalty bag is stunningly feminine. It is cute yet spacious enough to fit your essentials!

Inner lining is polyester, spacious to carry all your essentials for the day.

This piece is not what you see every day because they are not found in large numbers. So who can rock this bag? One thing is certain the rare royalty is not for timid.

Do you love attention and can handle the spot Light?

You love to stand out, make a statement?

The rare royalty bag will earn you a spot at the table fit for queens… just as you!

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  • Dazzling rhinestones design for the elegant woman
  • Smooth Double golden chain straps
  • Uniquely shaped bucket bag, feminine and stunning
  • 0.25 kg
  • 18.0 cm * 5.0 cm * 15.0 cm
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