woman shopping from online site - jumia , konga and Gabino
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Buying Bags from Online Shopping Sites ; Gabino , Konga & Jumia

woman shopping from online site - jumia , konga and Gabino

In Nigeria , online shopping sites have gained massive popularity.  To stay in the comfort of your home, office, car or even out in an event and order products online, without the hassles of shopping in local stores is living the life. Literally. Just place your order, click and you have your products delivered!

3 Top Nigerian Online Shopping Sites- Gabino, Jumia and Konga

Jumia and Konga, presently, are two of the three most popular online shopping sites in Nigeria (can’t tell which is the largest amongst them) and they have made shopping for us become as easy as taking a walk in the park. On these two other sites you get a wide variety of different items-from your fridge to your shoes to your decor items. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

online shopping site.Gabino focuses on Just Handbags
Gabino Focuses on Just Bags

Gabino  is the 3rd biggest online shopping site in Nigeria.However, unlike Jumia and Konga, they focus on just bags. Hence with focus comes expertise.You get different designs of whatever bag you want.You get the best quality at the best price. They are also very dependable.

Although, there are those who still have doubts about patronizing online stores, we can assure you with these three, you can never go wrong.

Tips for Buying a Good Quality Handbag from Nigeria’s Top 3 Online Shopping Sites  

But how can we buy a handbag of good quality from these platforms without getting overwhelmed by the vast range of designs and styles displayed?

First, before searching through the handbag catalogue provided by the platforms, you should have an idea of what type of handbag you actually want.

Here are some tips to help guide you when shopping for a handbag on Jumia, Konga & Gabino Bags.

  1. Set your budget: deciding your budget can help you narrow down the choice or type of handbag you can afford as there are different brands with different costs. Do not buy a handbag you have no use for or one you don’t fancy just because it’s cheaper or on discount. Of what use will it be stocking up your wardrobe with bags you hate?
  2. Size: Hand bags come in various shapes and sizes and our choices depends on our style or purpose. As much as we know that size alone is not a criteria to determine a good handbag but if you are one who carries about a lot of personal items, then size comes top of the list as you’d want to go for a more spacious bag; something that can serve and yet still give you that chic look you desire.
  3. Weight: A recent study found that an average woman’s handbag weighs 6.27 pounds. So, look away from bags that appear to look heavy. Some bags are unreasonably heavy even without items in them. Avoid those kinds and you avoid the troubles of getting back pain.
  4. Shape: The beauty of a handbag sometimes lies in its structure.  Unless you “know” the bag you want to purchase you will be better off to avoid bags that appear to look bulgy or out of shape. It might to look all cool and nice on your screen but by the time it’s delivered to you, quickly regret it. I once had an experience where I ordered a box bag or what I thought was a box bag. Looking at it on screen, though I thought it hard a weird shape to it I didn’t think much of it…until I the day I got my delivery I couldn’t believe my eyes; I freaked out, making a scene, insisting my order was switched but it actually turned out that what I ordered was exactly what I got.it was a classic case of what you ‘click’ is what you get
  5. Pattern and Style. Go for a hand to match your style and fashion. A handbag that will blend in well and complement your sense of style.  
  6. Opt for comfort: It might be a bit difficult to actually tell how comfortable a handbag would be because you are shopping online and not in a local store so pay extra attention to the handle and straps. If the bag has straps, it should be adjustable so it can be easy to manipulate to your desired choice. If it’s not, then make sure the straps are not too long or too thin.
  7. Brand Review: If you are going for a designer handbag, read reviews on the type of bag you are going for to give you an idea of the quality of the bags you are about to purchase. There are so many fake designer hand bags on sale now even though these online platforms would always put out a disclaimer against selling fakes, you cannot be too careful. Know as much as you can about your designer/brand handbags then compare it with what you are about to purchase. Look for anything out of place. Check the logo and scrutinize the edges/ finishing. Does the material appear to be weak?  If the price seem too good to be true it’s probably a fake.
  8. Ratings: if you are just looking to buy a stylish, classy hand bag but are in doubt or get confused on which to pick from the varieties displayed online, then check what people are saying about your preferred choice. If the stars ratings are low, it can only meant that the handbag you are looking to purchase isn’t a good choice.

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