Nigerian handbag designer- zashadu

10 Nigerian Handbag Designers Killing it On Instagram

Nigerian handbag designer- zashadu

Nigerian handbag designers today, are digging deep into their talent box and coming up with fantastic handmade products which are really impressive. This is considering how far we have come from patronizing foreign-made products to looking inward to our own. Not that there’s anything wrong in patronizing the foreign market/ brands but unlike in the past, brands are springing up… strictly made in Nigeria, getting exposure and massive acceptance in the international market and the world.

Amongst all, the Nigerian leather bag market is fast gaining popularity both locally and international. Any bag made from leather is a win already.  For as we well know, leather is a pretty tough material, durable and flexible gotten from animal raw hides (mostly cattle). No fear of your bag wearing out or decaying and they come in various designs, patterns and styles displayed in shopping malls, online stores and Social media.

Instagram is one social media platform that business owners all over the world are not afraid to use and our Nigerian handbag designers are making the utmost use of this photo-sharing social media platform to push their businesses.

Top 10 Nigerian Handbag Designers on Instagram

Here are ten Nigerian handbag designers on Instagram you dare not miss out on when it comes to premium leather bags. As the popular saying goes “seeing is believing” right? Visit these Instagram accounts and see things for yourself.

  1. SHOP MAJU: Motunrayo Jimoh is the founder of fashion house Maju. She made her debut in the fashion in 2014 and then a few years later turned it into an online store, and ever since she has filled the Nigerian fashion industry with assorted bags with awesome designs. A look at her Instagram account will leave you ‘breathtakingly speechless’ as images of highly sophisticated clothing, bags and other fashion items will leave you in awe. With a massive Instagram following of 44.8k followers, there is no doubt that Motunrayo Jimoh is a master in her craft.
  2. ZASHADU: Looking for a simple yet elegant bag? Zashadu is your number one stop. Founded by Zainab Ashadu, Zashadu bags which boasts of premium quality leather, sourced from the Northern part of the country are suitable, classy and remains a timeless piece for that IT girl. The brands Instagram account is filled with amazing timeless pieces to suit the taste of the professional woman @zashadu has of a massive Instagram following of 11.3k.
  3. LOLA ADEOTI: With username @lolaasdeoti on Instagram. She is one woman who knows and has mastered the craft of handmade bags and she uses genuine leather too which is sourced in Nigeria. Specially crafted to suit the purpose and style of every woman’s taste. She is the CEO and founder of Lola Adeoti a fashion brand which bears her name also.  This brands boast of clients in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, and expanding into the USA. A typical Lola Adeoti client, according to Lola, is anyone looking to own a classic leather bag. Each bag is tailored according to the needs of each client.
  4. JAKAR LAGOS: Exquisite, sophisticated, elegance… fully packed into creating that timeless piece for the professional woman. No rough edges, with an interior, well done, Jakar brand of leather bags are a must-have.  Find them on Instagram @jakar_lagos
  5. GIDAN NODZA: Founded by Amina Hassan, Gidan Nodza is a Nigerian fashion company widely known for its 100% fashionable bags, belts, wallets and other leather products, all different and unique. The leather used in the manufacturing of this grand’s product is locally sourced. Located in Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Nigeria, you can also find Gidan Nodza on Instagram @gidannodza.
  6. MUJI LAGOS: Handmade bags from locally sourced leather, Muji brand is proudly made in Nigeria. Founded by kate Tawo, a graduate of criminology from the University of Kent, this is one brand that has made a big change in the Nigerian bag market. Instagram handle @mujilagos
  7. O’ECLAT DESIGN: O’eclat (pronounced O- ekylah), created in 2010 is a standard Nigerian brand founded by Gbemi Johnson a designer and creative head at O’ eclat designs. Proudly Nigerian brand, all O’eclat’s leather pieces are 100 per cent handmade. A quick browse through Instagram account @oeclat and web page shows an array of breath -taken handcrafted leather bags of various designs, beautifully laid out patterns you cannot help but fall in love with. It’s a win!
  8. FEMI HANDBAGS: Femi Handbags was birthed in 1992 when the founder Femi Olayebi had a need to purchase a baby bag but found that either the prices were on the high side or she just didn’t like the designs on display. With her unique, bespoke and beautifully handcrafted leather bags, this designer is sure making a statement. Her pieces are an embodiment of high imaginative skills, talent and excellent craftsmanship combined. This luxury line’s attention to details and craftsmanship differentiates it from similar ones in the market. You can find them on Instagram @femihandbags.
  9. ADEDAYO MEBUDE: Adedayo Mesude is a young Nigerian entrepreneur who has carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry, through making of quality leather accessories like handbags, purses, duffel bags, briefcases, fez caps etc produced for women and men. A graduate of Nasarawa State University where she studied Home Economics and Management, Adedayo Mesude is the founder of Dharyour Leather. In an interview with Premium Times some time ago, the young entrepreneur stated that her course opened her to all forms of crafts making and that what gives her satisfaction is that the quality of leather bags manufactured for men and women could rival known designs as Prada, Louis Vuitton and others. We totally agree with her!
  10. Hanker and Reech: We cannot wrap up this list without mentioning this brand. Hanker and Reech is a brand specializing proudly made in Nigeria handcrafted solid leather bags and belts. The brand’s sense of originality and stylishness is compared to none. You can find them with handle @hankerandreech on Instagram.

Bag Makers in Lagos

A huge majority of the bag vendors listed above are bag makers in Lagos. Check them out and see which of them’s styles best fit your taste.

With the above Instagram bag vendors, style is everything and more.

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