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5 Leather Office Bags Every Lady Should Own

Every stylish woman knows that the professional bags you rock to the office says a lot about your sense of taste and class.

Beyond designer names and all, one thing you should keep in mind- as a corporate woman is the fact that you need at LEAST ONE good leather bag. There is nothing like a high-quality leather bag. 

Why Own a Good Leather BAG?

  • A good leather bag is super-durable: Leather has been known to last for years! . A good leather bag will last you long after a regular bag has worn out. Be it cowhide leather, pigskin, crocodile skin or any other exotic leathers. A good leather bag is a good investment.
  • It is prestigious: Vain as it may seem- carrying a non-quality bag draws negative attention to yourself. Whether you like it or not- reputation means  a lot if you want to climb the ladder of success in your business or career.

So now that we have gotten it out of the way that every high flying lady needs a leather bag, I will list 5 leather  bags you should be armed with when dressing to kills for the office..

 Every Working Woman Needs these Leather Bags

  1. The Quintessential Black Bag: Yes! There is nothing like a good ole black bag. It is solid and goes with anything yet looks powerful every time. It’s one color you should have and if you are pressed for cash and have very few options, then invest in a good black leather bag!
  2. The Extra Large Tote Bag for Work: Yes- totes can be powerful and professional. However, the main appeal of the big tote leather work bag is its functionality! It takes your files AND your laptop! You no longer need to drag around one bag along with a laptop bag, your extra large professional  ladies tote will do the work. Caveat- ensure it is strong- preferably leather as some of these laptops are weight, you need a sturdy bag that can handle it!
  3. The Brown Leather  Bag: the next staple leather bag you should consider is the brown bag.Especially the rich brown kind- I particularly like a deep coffee colored bag! Brown bags have an aristocratic feel with them, they are also relatively versatile and will instantly take your look to the next level. Remember dark browns are generally more versatile that light browns.
  4. The portable leather Bag: The portable bag is needed! Think Fridays , and days when you are not required to be too dressed up! Yep! That is when the portable leather bag comes in. A top-handle bag is great, a sling crossbody bag will be too casual but that top handle is that perfect bridge to looking casual while still looking put together
  5. The Red Leather Bag: Red as in deep wine. A deep wine bag is perfect for when your outfit is look and you need a little powwow! On a normal day out with the girls, a red lipstick would have done the trick but for work, you might not want the color on your face. The wine bag will instantly brighten up your outsir
  6. The Green/ Grey Leather Bag: There is a kind of class a green bag or a grey bag brings to an outfit. They are cool colors that make any corporate outfit look stylish.

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