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Leather Bags: Why Quality is More Important than Brand Name

I have been in the business of selling bags for a while hence I think I am in the right position to say this. Brand names are highly inconsequential when rating the quality of a bag. If you are looking to buy a quality bag and not just a brand name, your best bet to buying the best leather may just be to look outside the brand names. Don’t get me wrong, Designer names are a great way to go. With a big brand name for example Chanel, there is an expected level of quality that should come with it. If the brands says it is made from leather, as long as it is an authentic product from the brand, you expect them to keep to their words. What I mean is lower level brands such as the River Islands and Zaras of this world. These brands are fast fashion- they focus on pushing out large quantities of products and do not really focus on getting you the best leathers.


Leather Type

There are different types of leather- there is lambskin leather, cow-hide leather, exotic leather like python leather etc. Indeed- there are different types. So when looking for a leather bag, the first thing to ask yourself is- What type of leather bag do I want?

Leather Bag Seller

The leather bag seller will determine the quality of leather you get. A run-of-the-mill seller may decide to cut corners and get your the cheapest ones to maximise profit. At Gabino bags, we focus on the best quality of bags for whatever type of bag you choose

Leather Quality

Even among various types of leathers, there are different qualities of leather. For example- if it’s cowhide leather you choose, it can be full-grain or not full-grain.

Leather Design

The design of leather you go for depends on the purpose of the leather bag you choose! Looking to buy a work bag? choose a structured piece. A duffel bag could be great of holidays, a good leather backpack for sporty outings and a tote perfect for casual outing. As long as it is good quality leather, whatever design you choose should serve the purpose.

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