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Leather Bag Care Series: How to Clean!

A good leather bag is a treasure and should be taken proper care of. Take care of them and they last for years. Be careless and you will soon find that your bag does not live up to its full potential.

Learn to Remove Odors from yur Leather Bag

A good leather bag does not smell. If it smells , that means it was not properly tanned. To remove odors from your leather handbag, follow this guide in this article.

Clean the Exterior of the Bag

The exterior of your leather bag is what everyone will see therefore it is a no-brainer that you should take care of it. Take note of and follow these tips;

  • Dont handle with dirty hands
  • Dont clean with wipes: These come with chemicals that may dry out your leather. Instead use a clean cloth dipped in water.
  • Remove dirt as soon as you see them: Find out the right way to remove each type of stain from the exterior of your leather handbag. One size does not fit all with leather handbags!

Protect the Interior of Your Leather Bag

Though not seen by all, the interior of your leather bag deserves love and tender care too. These tips will help you!

  • Use a purse for you makeup: This is to prevent makeup from spilling and ruining the insides of your bag.
  • Clean the lining of your bag periodically: Dirt ,stains et al accumulate overtime and should be cleaned out
  • A stitch in time saves nine!: Noticing a rip inside you bag? Stitch it immediately! Leaving it for too long will only lead to the lining of your leather hand bag being totally ripped off and messed up!

Shop From a Good Leather Bga Shop

No matter how well you take care of a leather bag, if its not a good quality, it is bound to fall apart. Shop quality handbags from Gabino Bags today.

Prevent Sun Damage the Right Way

Real animal skin leather is just last human skin. It needs to be protected and taken care of. And just like human skin, prevention is better than cure. One of the easiest way that leather handbags get spoiled is when they are exposed to excessive sun and become dried out

Use the right leather moisturizer to take care of your leather handbag. This helps prevents cracks and ensures it maintains that lustre!

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