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Latest Bags in Nigeria with Prices (Updated Regularly)

The latest most stylish bags in Nigeria change regularly. Nigerian ladies are stylish . Below are some of the latest Bag styles as seen on some stylish Nigerian Divas

The Ecletic Bamboo Bags

In case you have not noticed, bamboo bags have being in for a while now! It started out with the still very relevant bamboo arc bag- now it has gone to other stunning shapes like the ones below!

Latest unque bags in Nigeria
Kiitana Serving Class!

Latest Unique Shaped Handbags

ChicMaStyle Looking Fabulous with Her Bag

Long gone aare the days when your bag needs to fit a box! The latest trend now is for bags to come in different shapes and forms. The more creative the shape, the better

Latest Office Handbags

quality cowhide leather brown handbag (3)
Quality Durable Cowhide Leather bag

Structured Office bags continue to be a staple among working ladies.There are different types of Nigerian women with different tastes. The discerning ones go for quality leather handbags while the less discerning go for mass produced varieties.

Latest Party Bags

Party bags are always statement pieces- stylish, cute and just the perfect size. Gone are the days when your party bag had to be functional. We now live in an age when your bag can be so tiny, it does not fit your car keys.

rose gold round cage ring bag (1)
Party Bag With

Latest Chain Leather Bags

Chain bags have a way of adding a certain pizzazz! to your outfit! These gorgeous bags remain relevant and on trend!

Latest Jelly Bags

clear jelly bag un voyage au pays des merveilles (2)

A while bag , jelly bags where the holy grail of bags! However, the trend is currently piping down.The only bag everyone seems to want to have now is the Un Voyage Mervielles bag! Its a clear bag by Hermes.You gotta love it!

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