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Latest Bag Trends: Mini Bags & Chain Bags

Small and mini bag are a bag trends that will be around for a while. We have seen in with celebrities, fashionistas and style influencers.

What’s not there to like?There are different types of small / mini bags. From top handle bags, cane/bamboo bags, clear/jelly bags(sometimes called the rubber bag). Take a look at some of our top small or mini bags

Chain Bags for Ladies

Chain bags are an all time favorite for us ladies. There have a way of jazzing up any outfit. The are the red lipstick of accessories- you instantly look put together without trying too hard.There are different types of chain bags- long chain bags, short chain bags and chain bags that are also top handle.

Long Chain Bags


Long chain bags are longer than the length of the rib-cage. There can also work as a cross-body bags. These types of bags are strictly casual or smart casual. The length of the chain instantly makes them so.

Short Chain Bags

Short chain bags are usually shorter that the waist line. They are too short to be used as a cross-body bag. So if you plan to switch it up by making it a cross body bag, this won’t work.

Top Handle Chain Bags

The top handle chain bag is a top handle bag that comes with a chain bag. It could me a mono-top handle chain bag or two handles .Having a top handle means you can carry it in both ways- as a chain bag and as a top handle bag.

Mini Bags for Ladies

mini bag

Mini bags, Micro bags or Nano bags, are names we know those tiny, chic, cute bags we ladies stylishly rock these days. They have become so fashionable in recent times with almost every lady rocking them. They may not be big or large enough to hold all your essentials but they are just right enough to hold the most important ones. A phone or two, credit cards, set of keys, Identification cards and maybe a little more. The mini bags are growing popular every day as more ladies are being attracted to them as we have come to see how useful and handy these stylish bags can be.

It is not surprising to see that a lot of stylish versions have come emerged as more popular designers such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Chanel and the rest keep dishing new stylish versions, season after season. Now and these bags do not cause any health problems unlike the larger ones.

The mini bag has continued to make waves from the streets to the runways to Red carpets and all over our social media channels, gaining momentum and still creating that fashion statement. It is definitely not fading out any time soon

So if you lady who is  interested in the mini , nano or micro bags whichever name you know it for, here are ways to rock them and places you can rock them.

Mini hand bag (street wise)

These type of mini bags are chic and classy, just to say the least. They are commonly held on the hand and only rarely are they worn as a cross body bag. It shouldn’t be too large so it won’t appear clumsy and it shouldn’t be too small either. We see different versions, style and designs popping up every day. Some made of really nice embellishments or satin fabric. Almost all the big brands and designers have created beautiful and various versions of this unique bag season after season. The Mini hand bag automatically transforms your outlook from simple and casual, to chic and sophisticated. It should be rocked to parties or family celebrations.

TOTE Mini Bag

Have you heard that every style conscious woman must have a tote bag? Well… you certainly heard right. Ladies, I know we love to have all our essentials handy at all times and sometimes tend to overstuff our hand bags with things that we really do not need for a day. The tote mini bag can help minimize unnecessary weight and help us pack light. If, perchance we have a day free from carrying laptops, phone chargers and other office essentials or if all you need for a day is your wallet, cards and keys, a chic, stylish, yet professional tote bag is all you need for a less hectic day at the office. They come in various designs and can be worn different styles, designs and pattern so choose what best works your style.

Cross body Mini Bag

We cannot talk about the mini bags without mentioning the cross body. A lot has been said and written concerning the cross body bag but it still cannot be enough. As we well know, the cross body bag gives us more freedom to move about while keeping our hands free.  The straps can come in leather or chain but the most important thing is they should be adjustable and strong enough to hold the purse firmly.

It is designed to accommodate only your most important essentials, it shouldn’t be too small, and neither should it be too large. Personally, I find the cross body bag much easier to manipulate than a knapsack bag.

How to wear: it can be worn in different ways. From a fanny pack, to a waist purse, across the body, over the shoulder, the cross body bag is indeed versatile

Places to rock: The versatility of the cross body mini bag makes it a good and preferable choice for a day out on errands. It can be worn to parties or even used as a clutch purse to weddings.

Bucket Mini Bags

In the past, the bucket bags used to be a ladies all round bag. It usually came in large sizes, heavy and could accommodate a lot. Now, Mini bucket bags have become one of the hottest, trendiest bags to flood the bag markets, designers are creating more and more stylish and chic versions of these bags to meet up with demands.

Where to rock: The bucket bag is also versatile and can go with any outfit and occasion. Ladies can rock the mini bucket bags to work, church or even for a day out with friends

CLUTCH Mini Bags

The clutch bag or purse is trendy, classy and timeless. Every woman needs a clutch in her wardrobe, either for a night out or for the day.

Day clutch: It comes in handy for a casual day either for running errands or hanging out with friends or afternoon date.

Evening clutch: the evening clutch is classy, matches any outfit you may choose to wear for an evening outing or date night. The evening clutch should come with a little sparkle or metallic body such as silver or gold.

How to rock: both the evening clutch and day clutch can be worn as a cross body or simply held firmly.

We see many fashion bags, trends, designs and styles almost every season. Some trend for a while and fade out giving room for other designs but the mini bag to stand the test of time and appears to not be fading out anytime soon

Mini bags are a little smaller that small bags. Like the name implies, they are tin miniscule bags. Take a look at these stunning bags as rocked by Khloe- former big brother housemate.

Jelly Mini Bags

As daunting as it may seem for you to own a bag where people can see your items, the jelly bag can bea way to showcase and show off the beauty of your items.Jelly are one thing- Chic! You have to, however, ensur

Micro Bag

Micro bags are unbelievably small- maybe even comically so.Micro bags are a very chic. They are so small, they can almost contain nothing. Forget about putting in your phones- they may not even contain your keys. They are super cute and every lady

Bracelet Bags

Bracelet bags are small bags you can slip onto your wrists- just like bracelets.Bracelet bags come in different sizes. However, bracelet bags are most usually small.That way they slip beautifully in.

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