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Important Tips for Buying Bags In Nigeria

buying bags and shopping

Buying bags in Nigeria is not a casual endeavor. There are some things you should know so you don’t waste your time or money.

In recent times, bags have become a strong fancy for women, not overlooking the fact that bags are occasionally needed by men too but a woman and her bag are like “yin and yang”. It completes her appearance, showoff her style and accentuates her look, it is indeed a must have.

The kind of bag you carry says a lot about your style, class and who you are and yes, people make assumptions about you based on the bag you carry so getting it right is very important. Bags of varying sizes, designs, styles, materials, and patterns are readily on display which can be confusing when it comes to making a choice so we have to know what type of bag we are going for before setting out to buy one.

Buying Bags in Nigeria: Important Things to Check

So, what are the things you should know when buying bags in Nigeria?

  1. The First thing to look out for is DURABILITY:
    Undoubtedly, durability is the first thing to look out for when buying a bag. This is a MUST for bag lovers because no one wants to pay for a bag and in less than weeks it begins to fall apart and so, it is really important to take into cognizance how long the bag will last. Below are questions you should ask yourself when you are out to buy a bag but unsure of a bag’s durability.
    Are there signs of wear and tear?
    Is the material weak and inferior?
    Is the bag able to resist wear and decay?
    How well can the material hold up especially in a weather like ours?
    Is it water proof?
    Will the material deteriorate when out in the sun?
    These questions must pass the durability test before you make a go to buying that bag. If you are not satisfied or have doubts about the bags durability, follow your instincts and do not purchase.
    Because buying a bag goes way beyond its aesthetic value, longevity should be taken into consideration. I know longevity is one word mostly associated with the life span of a human being, it applies to bags also. Be it a brand new bag or fairly used, a bag should have that quality of being long lasting. A bag that is not affected by the weather and does not wear out easily should be a priority when looking to buy one.
    Always put quality into consideration when shopping for bags. There four questions a person MUST answer when seeking to buy bags in Nigeria. I call it the four quality test questions Is it good? Is it worth the amount sold? Is it well made? Does it fit the purpose?Bags of good quality are not necessarily expensive but make sure it’s quality , even if it means parting with few extra notes, please do as reaching for a low quality bag will only hurt your pocket. Examine the material critically, scrutinize the stiches and lining at the corners, pay attention to the zippers and check the insides with utmost care.
  4. SIZE:
    This is influenced by your choice and style. It’s like going for what best works for you, suits your purpose and who you are. Having stated this, it is really important to note that your bag should be able to accommodate all your essentials and all you need at each point of your outing whether you are going out to work or simply hanging out.
    Of what use is a bag if your items keep falling off from inside it? When looking to buy a bag in Nigeria, functionality should be on your to know list. Adequate care should be taken when selecting bags, as it should suit the purpose for which it’s being purchased which firstly, is to keep safe your items and hold personal belongings. If personal effects are constantly lost as a result of purchasing the ‘wrong’ bag, then the purpose of acquiring one is defeated. There are bags that serve all purpose, the style and designs are different for men and women.For example a mum may need a bag for her baby’s items- she should not just get any bag and call it a baby bag.She would need to look for a bag that will hold her baby’s food , flask  etc without spilling anything and even in fact keeping it warm! At Gabino, we ensure our baby bags are both functional. The are three way and will suit any occasion you plan on going. Visit here to check them out.
    On a final note, your bag is an important part of your outfit and we at Gabino take it very seriously.We hope you do too!
    This does not come top of the list as some of us are not really particular about it; as all we want in a bag is the best. But that doesn’t mean it can be overlooked. The beauty of a bag goes beyond its flashy or multicolored appearance (nothing wrong with both as long as it’s a bag of quality). Take in the structure, style, material, patterns, and functionality. All these make up the aesthetic value of a bag. Go for colors that are flattering and appear exciting Worthy of note is that a bag can be all flashy and bright but of inferior quality, while another can be dull with superb quality. At Gabino we stock beautiful bags that will surely get heads turning! Visit our store here and shop all you want

Wholesale Bags in Nigeria

If you are looking to buy bags at wholesale prices, here are some things you should know

Wholesale Handbags in Lagos

If you are looking for where to buy bags cheap in Lagos, here’s what you need to know- there are different markets in Lagos Nigeria where you can buy bags at wholesale prices.

  • Balogun Market Lagos
  • Aswani Market
  • Lagos Island Market
  • Gabino Bags (Online)

Designer Bags in Lagos

If you are looking to buy designer bags in Lagos, Nigeria. One thing you should be clear on is- do you want an authentic designer bag or a replica? At Gabino Bags, we do not condone buying replicas and so do not stock designer bags yet. However, there are very few places in Lagos where you can get an authentic designer bag. One of them is The Polo Avenue. They stock authentic bags straight from the designers. With The Polo Avenue, authenticity is assured- every single time! The downside about their bags is that they are very pricey(as they should!)
Want to rock a designer bag but don’t have the thousands of dollars required to buy one? Think thrift bags.
There are quite a number of thrift online stores in Lagos. The most popular of them is @lugayastore on Instagram. They stock quality designer bags at very friendly prices.

Bags on Jiji

Jiji is an online market place that connect buyers and sellers from all around Nigeria. You can connect to bag sellers on there.

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