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How to Style Blue Clutch Bags (Plus Buying Tips)

Navy Blue Clutch Purse/Bag

The navy blue clutch bag is sometimes called the ink blue clutch purse. The navy blue color is a very deep blue clutch bag. Because it is deep in color, it is also one of the more versatile shades for a blue clutch bag. This is because this accessory is so dark it sometimes gets mistaken as black! If you are tired of buying too many black clutch bags yet you are not yet ready to plunge into the deep of bright color, then the navy blue clutch bag may just be for you!

As plain as it may seem, if you are told to get a Navy Blue Clutch Bag, don’t just buy the next “Navy Blue” clutch bag you see. This is because there are different shades of Navy Blue!- Granted , sometimes it may be almost imperceptible how it, sometimes, can make a a big difference just the way the Bright Navy Bag will be different from the Galaxy Blue

Royal Blue Clutch Purse/Bag

Another popular blue clutch bag is the Royal Blue bag. The royal blue clutch purse is lighter than the Navy Blue colored clutch bag. It’s brighter and more eye-catching. If you are wearing a dark or generally plain outfit, a royal blue clutch bag is also sure to pop! It’s also a way to wear a brighter color without looking too bright if you tend to shy away from bright colors

Baby Blue Clutch Bag/Purse

Baby don’t we just love love LOVE! the baby blue clutch bag?! This color is a soft version of the blue color. Almost as soft as a baby’s breath. Sometimes some people simple call it the light blue bag.

Don’t take the lightness for granted, it’s not as versatile as the other darker shades of blue.

Turquoise Clutch Bag

The turquoise colored clutch bag sometimes gets confusing. Is it closer to blue or closer to green? The turquoise clutch bag is gorgeous and eye-catching. No wonder it’s a favorite at weddings.

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