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How to Buy Bags for Different Occasions (Weddings, Evenings , Work etc)

It would be highly ludicrous to say the least to wear a rucksack on a red carpet outfit or a dinner/ ball dress right?

Bags have their code and to look chic, you should know these codes. Don’t worry, it’s not science fiction. There are bags for different occasions and different occasions require a different style of bag. Every bag lover must know this.

Women and bags share a relationship and connection that cannot be easily explained. Handbags for women, are more than just fashion accessories, and apart from their usefulness in carrying all a woman’s essentials, handbags add glamour and sexiness to our attires. No doubt our wardrobes can house Bags of various colors, designs and styles but all of them have purposes and are there for different needs. So how do we avoid making a fashion mistake and match our bags with occasions and outings?

Below are  things to consider when buying bags for different occasions


Going to college is crucial in molding our future and lives so it’s no joke. We invest money for our college fees, books and other necessary things needed to see us through without stress. Bags included.

Now what are the things to consider when buying bags for college? First, a college bag should be solid, well-built and stylish.  You could go for a fashionable and trendy bag but make sure it is one that can serve.

  • Look out for bags spacious enough to contain your books, textbooks or handouts you may need for a day at school. Backpacks are great for carrying laptops too.
  • You may also consider going for bags that you can carry on your shoulders with ease while leaving your hands free.
  • Bucket bags, messenger bags are good alternatives to choose from, big enough to store everything you may need and still look stylish.


Looking to buy an office bag but have no idea what you should look out for? Here is something to guide you. Your office bag tells a lot about you.  If a person is tacky, laid back, untidy, unkempt, or just don’t care about appearances the office bag will give you out. Consider this few things when buying an office bag:

  • Your office bag should be graceful and stylishly fashionable.
  • Avoid bags that are extravagant or showy. This can give it a tasteless appearance and make your outfit tacky.
  • It shouldn’t be too simple
  • Consider a neutral color bag: this can match all your office attires.
  • Choose a bag that you will be able to wear to the office frequently.
  • A spacious bag that will fit all your important work essentials; documents and all.
  • Consider buying bags made from leather. It is durable, sturdy and do not easily fall apart.


A bag you will be using every day for your daily runs should not be shabby or tattered.

  • Consider buying a bag sturdy and durable enough to stand the pressure of daily errands and something that will not hamper your movement.
  • Choose a bag that will keep your hands free and comfortable enough to run your errands without having you to pull it along or struggle to keep it in balance.
  • Consider a cross body bag. It is impressive for daily errands be it for a day of shopping or meeting out with friends and the great thing is that you can choose from varieties of designs, styles and colors. The cross body bag will let you freely use your hands and offer a great deal of comfort.


Casual bags for your regular outings are designed to carry your essentials in an informal and easy-going way. The good thing about choosing bags for casual occasions is that you can choose different styles and colors, not something heavy or tedious to carry and still match your style. Stylish and practical, just the right size to store all your essentials and still give you outfit that sophisticated look.


It would be highly ludicrous to wear a diamond encrusted clutch purse for a day at the beach right? Beach bags are plain in form and design, without much decoration or adornment, but elegantly stylish. They come in different styles, shapes and designs. Before buying a beach bag, consider the things you need to carry and also choose a design that will go with your look.

If you will be packing a lot of things like your beach towel, sunglasses, and every other thing you may need for a day at the beach then you should consider buying an Extra sized tote bag.

A day at the beach means that getting wet is unavoidable. Consider buying a water resistant bag to keep all your essentials safe.

Bags for clubs

Weekends are days for relaxation. Worries are literally flushed down the loo and we take on an entire persona. A lot of us find relaxation at weddings, parties or dancing all night at a club. Whichever one it may be, and whichever tactics we may deploy to forget our worries and care, there is one thing we cannot forget…our bags!

Searching for a bag that will fit our essentials just right for a night at the club is essential

Other carry-ons used during the day and on daily occasions may appear too large and heavy for a night at the club so you do not need them

  • Consider buying purses that you can easily carry around. Not heavy but very functional.
  • Fanny packs or flat purses are portable but big enough and just great to keep your phones keys, id, and cash.
  • You can also choose a hands-free dance ready bag that will not get in the way when it’s time to ‘boogie’

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