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Gold Clutch Purse For Weddings : Different Shades to Know.

We know anytime a woman reaches for a gold clutch or even anything gold, it is to rock an outfit for a special event. No doubt, a shiny gold clutch gives an instant glamorous look to any outfit, turning an ordinary looking evening dress or wedding attire into a sophisticated and classy piece.

However, Gold clutch purses can be worn on different occasions not just weddings or special events only. This look can be achieved only if you can match the right shade of Gold, pairing it with an outfit that matches.

When we think gold, we typically visualize a bright yellow shade and of course we are not wrong and so when we go out to purchase a gold clutch we automatically reach for that bright yellow shade of gold which to be frank is the most  rampart in clutch purses.

However, gold clutches come in different shades, giving them a unique appearance and will match any color of dress you wear, transforming even the drabbest of attires.

Below is a list of the different shades of Gold clutch purses and how you can match your “clutch of gold” with your desired outfit and complementing your sense of style for that  Special occasion.

Bright yellow gold Clutch Bags/Purses

this shade of clutch purse is familiar to every woman. Most times we only think that gold purses come in only this shade. The bright yellow shade gold clutch comes in different structures and sizes. Most are decorated with crystals or beads or flowery decorations. The Bright yellow gold clutches are popularly seen at occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, naming ceremonies and other special events.

How to rock: this shade of gold matches whatever outfit you choose to wear. It automatically makes a powerful fashion statement even if you decide to rock with a less flashy cocktail dress or dark colored jump suits or pants. You may also choose to match with a gold accessories or foot wear but otherwise, this shade of gold clutch can stand perfectly on its own

If you are going for a completely black attire, or a night time occasion, match up your gold clutch with shiny accessories to give that sparkle. You will definitely stand out and sparkle all night long.

White Gold Clutch Purse:

the white gold clutch purse are for women looking for something nice and subtle but yet classy. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs, matching whatever outfit you choose and it can be carried either as cross body, or hung on the shoulder, if you want to keep your hands free.  White gold clutch purses can be worn for special occasions as well as an evening date.

How to rock: the white gold clutch purse should always be worn with matching accessories or you can opt for metallic shoes (either white gold or silver) to complement the purse.

For a more laid back look, you can rock on a Jean and blazers wearing it as a cross body or hanging on one shoulder. Colors such as blue, red and black can be a great combination with this shade of gold.

Rose Gold clutch Purse:

This shade of gold clutch purses are extremely beautiful, elegant and look somewhat delicate to the eyes. They as well come in all shapes, structures and sizes, beautifully adorned either with glass beads, crystals or sequins. They go with a beautifully matched dress.

How to match: you can match your Rose gold clutch purse with a lovely, light – pink little dress or any neutral colored dress. The idea is to show off this beautiful piece, allowing it make a statement on its own. However you can do darker colors or a combination of colors but be sure to complement your rose gold clutch with either a foot wear or accessory that matches the shade of your clutch.

Peach Gold clutch purse:

 this shade of gold clutch purses are not so common. In fact most people might not be aware that a shade of this clutch exist and may see it as ordinary peach colored clutch. A Peach gold clutch will instantly light up any attire you deem fit to wear, turning a once dull look into something fabulous. That is one true advantage of having them.

How to rock: if you are going for a more casual look maybe an afternoon outing  or a more ladylike look, a small sized peach gold clutch with chain straps will immediately make your outfit a lot more elaborate.

If you are going for a formal outing, choose a dress that has peach detailing, it could be embroidery or simply designs on the outfit, nothing to elaborate so it doesn’t drown out the beauty of your clutch.

The peach gold clutch matches perfectly with white, cream and ivory outfits.

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