Femi handbags was founded by Femi Oluyebi. She is the creative designer and CEO of the now well-know luxury leather eponymous bag FEMI Bags. Femi handbags is one part of Femi’s Business- the second is My World of Bags. At my world of Bags, you have a wide variety and styles of bags. While at Femi handbags on the other hand is focused on more corporate business style bags!

Femi Handbags founder
Femi Handbag Founder- Femi Oluyebi

Femi Bags prides itself as being affordable luxury. On the native website, Femi Bags does not put up their prices but instead require prospective buyers to request prices. Oncheck prices range from 800 dollars to 180 Relative because prices range from on– website. However on the website prices are given on request and not clearly displayed.

A serious bag designer, Femi Oluyebi has attended Modapelle Academy, Milan where she took a course in Handbag Design and Construction

A well known international brand, Femi Handbags showed their accessories at the Coterie NYC Show. Indeed, the Femi Handbags is made in Nigeria but good enough to be share with to the rest of the world!

A bi lingual, all the bags are made from the best leathers and handcrafted in Lagos Nigeria. This has won the heart of severral style afficonados world wide

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