Roberto Cavalli Monkey Clutch Bag
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Designer Clutch Bags

Designer clutch purses are a great way to make a statement. Not only are they chic, they are luxurious, stylish and usually high quality. Being luxurious means that detail is . Style is not usually a problem as designer clutch bags are usually trend setters and are lead the pack when it comes to latest clutch bag designs. Quality is usually never a problem with designer branded clutch bags.Sometimes, this is the reason some tasteful people go for them. You are rest assured that the due process and checks have taken place in keeping this items.

Dune Clutch Bag

Based in London, Dune is a well-known luxurious fashion brand. Their strength is in footwears and accessories. They have, over the period of 2 decades plus churned out gorgeous clutch bag designs. Indeed a dune clutch bag is unique and elegant!They also usually have foot wears that match their gorgeous clutch bags. Dune, sometimes, offers sales on their clutch bags where they give amazing discounts on selected/all items.Some of our favorite Dune Clutch Bags are;

Chanel Clutch Bag

The designer brand called Chanel is Chic, timeless, classy, elegant and everything luxurious.Also Chanel clutch bags are not as prices as Dune clutch bags but what they lack in affordability, they make up for in sheer glam appeal. This designer brand hardly ever does sales on their fashion items even clutch bags. Besides the fact that Chanel purses are beautiful, a lot of times, they come with chain strap with makes it even more functional. Find our favorite Chanel clutch bags below.
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Valentino Clutch Bags

Valetino Garavini! Even the name is absolutely fabulous! Valentino Clutch Bags? More than Fabulous! Even though the brand was founded in 1960, Valetino Garavani designs have remained as fresh, modern and relevant as ever! Like most top expensive brands Valentino Garavini hardly ever does

Moschino Clutch Bag

Moschino is a luxury Italian brand. Their designs are always unique and eclectic. Moschino Clutch bag are the same. Take a look at the gorgeous padlock styled clutch bag which can double as a chain side bag. Also take a look at eclectic tissue themed Moschino clutch/chain bag

Versace Clutch Bag

Versace is a luxury Italian brand. Their designs are classic , iconic and unique. Versace clutch bags designs are usually polished, sleek and refined. They are tasteful and are best for you if you like elegant designs devoid of unnecessary garish bells and whistles. Versace also hardly does sales on the items so you are looking for a designer clutch purse for cheap, it may be quite hard to find.

DKNY Clutch Bag

DKNY is an affordable luxury brand headquartered in the U.S. It was founded by Donna Karan. They design quality bags that suit whatever designs and styles you desire. Below are come beautiful DKNY clutch bags.

Gucci Clutch Bags

Gucci designs men’s cloths and accessories. They are also quite popular among women with their unique bags and shoes. A Gucci clutch bag is beautiful, fun and versatile.

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