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Designer Bags in Lagos, Nigeria(The Lies, the Truths, the Secrets)

Carrying designer bags in Lagos as it is in other parts of the world is a status symbol.It lets the onlooker know that not only are you stylish, you can afford the best things when it comes to style. Its therefore no wonder that a lot of stylish fashionistas whether in Lagos, Abuja or beyond absolutely love rocking stylish designer bags.
However, there is a lot people do not know about these arm candies you see around.

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A Lot of Designer Bags You See Around Are Not Authentic

Don’t get me wrong,a lot of Nigerian chicks can afford an authentic designer bag.We are hard working, industrious and know how to spoil ourselves.However, a lot of designer bags rare fake! Why is that?
Number 1 reason is Sheer Ignorance.A lot of Nigerian chicks think that just because you buy a bag expensively, it has to be authentic.We will never forget the shocking incidence where Linda Ikeji(popular media girl) bought a couple of birkins for millions of naira.When she was called out, she insisted and held her ground that they were authentic!It was not her fault.She shelled out a huge amount of money for those bags and expected them to be authentic!!! They were not- the expensive bags were not the real mccoy!It is this same way a lot of Nigerian ladies and their spouses have been cheated of their hard earned money.

A second reason is this: Some of the ladies don’t care! Remember that song “To ba wunmi ma wo fake Gucci. Ko de ko anybody” .Yes , they know its fake but they don’t give a f***k!!! They don’t care. As long as it is fine.This is because even in the Nigerian society,wearing a fake designer item does not connote what it does abroad.Abroad wearing fakes casts aspersion on your person.You are seen as a fraud and fake just the way your bag is.In Nigeria , where the poverty level is high(I like to be positive but i can’t lie…) seeing a Gucci bag or ferragamo is worthy of applause as even the fakes are expensive too compared with the average price the ordinary ladu spends on the regular brandless bag.

Because its Designer Bag Does Not Mean It Is Better Quality:

This is especially true for lower ended brands like Charles n Keith, Zara etc. Higher level Brands like Gucci almost always pay attention to their craftmanship and quality. But you see those lower grade guys? Those guys sometimes use low quality leather or even synthetic leathers etc.Hence you see them peeling after a while.Here at Gabino Bags we believe in enlightening our customers. You should look for quality leather bags that will for years and not just a brand name that will fall apart at the slightest strain.

A lot of the Good Quality Designer Bags You See Around Ones Are Preloved

Yes indeed!Maybe preloved is not the word. More like okrika/akube. Whether you call it fairly used designer bags, or okrika designer bags, they are all the same
Yes there is an undercover booming market of okrika bags online.The smart chicks know how to source for designer bags at a fraction of the original cost.Here’s the catch- it may not be authentic. The thrifting business is a chance business.Everyone buys hoping its authentic but no one really really knows for sure! However people have been known to buy expensive designer bags at prices less than 100k so don’t shy away from that.It sure is better to buy a preloved designer bag than to spend so much on a brand new one like Linda Ikeji did!!
A second issue with buying preloved designer bag-is you are never sure of what you get! Especially in Nigeria. Heres a secret.These bags are mostly used before being sent down to Nigeria.Now imagine-some of them are dead and worn out!!! Totally wasted! Some of these okrika designer bag vendors would take these dead bags.Take nice pictures of them and deceive you into thinking they are neat.Only for you to get them and get the shock of your life-you just bought a dirty designer bag you can’t even rock to take a walk down the street because it would be totally embarrassing!!!
One Vendor i can say i have tried with okrika designer bags and have never failed would be @LugayaStore on Instagram.They are honest and only sell neat bags.They have never disappointed.Other vendors are a hit and miss but you can try as many as you want till you find a vendor you like.
Looking to be a designer bag chick?
I hope i have been able to expose you to some useful facts.
I firmly believe in buying quality leather bags. The last , are quality and are a good investment. If you are looking to buy unique and stylish clutch purses and bags or unique and stylish handbags, then visit Gabino bags today and let us delight you in quality and style!!

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