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Complete Hospital Bag Checklist for Mum & Baby. (Printable PDF)

This is a realistic list of the things you need to pack when going to the hospital for delivery. Packing a hospital bag in preparation for childbirth, especially for first time moms about to experience this for the first time can be a challenge. The thought of what to pack or what not to pack for your stay in the hospital can be quite burdensome as you have to make sure that you have everything you need to make your stay in the hospital comfortable.

Moms are advised to pack their hospital bags and have it ready no later than 8 months to avoid last minute rush, forgetfulness or being caught unawares if your baby decides to show up earlier than your expected date of delivery or in cases of emergencies.

Hospital bag checklist for moms

  1. Labor wears: labor contractions is tough and can get you really uncomfortable, irritable and messy so your fancy and nice wears will not be needed at this point.  Pack loose and comfortable clothing in your hospital bags to last for the duration you may be staying and one you will wear on the day you will be going home.Also avoid colors like white that will instantly show any body fluid. In a Nigerian hospital like LUTH, they may request that you bring 4 “wrappers”.
  2. Nursing gowns/ bras: After birth and all is well, the doctors will probably keep you for two days or three to observe you. Your breasts is likely to grow bigger and tender after birth. Pack comfortable nursing gowns and bras to make breastfeeding a lot easier and to keep you comfortable during your stay.
  3. Sanitary Pad: If it is your first time, you may not be aware that right after giving birth, you begin to release blood known as lochia. It’s more or less period but heavier and last longer.Your regular pad will not last.You need to buy those big heavy ones that come in blue packs.
  4. Toiletries: Hairbrush, Hair bands, head scarf, lip balm toothpaste, tooth brush, body soap, deodorants, body lotion, face wipes, make ups (if needed) etc. All of these are necessary for your stay in the hospital
  5. Breastfeeding cream: This will help with chapped nipples as most women find it hard to get used to breast feeding because of soreness of the breast.
  6. Breast pads: This is a very useful breast feeding accessory you should bring along. It will absorb the milk from leaking breasts after birth.
  7. Underwear: After birth, you will be needing big comfortable undies. Forget the Gstrings- those will be the last thing on your mind to wear.Buy cotton and big pants that will allow you rest. Though the hospital will provide disposable undies for you but you might find out that they are not so comfy. So bring along some of yours.
  8. Bathroom Slippers : As ridiculous as it sounds , this is very necessary- you don’t want to be like me sending your husband to get you bathroom slippers because the only slippers you brought to the hospital is your quality slippers which you don’t to spoil.
  9. Snacks and drinks: be sure to bring along some food, snacks and beverages with you just in case the hospital may not have food that you might enjoy and also, you will feel hungry after many hours of labor.
  10. Documented Birth Plan: Every woman knows exactly how she want the delivery of her baby to go but most times your choices may not be properly communicated. Birth plan is a necessary document showing your birth preferences and a way of letting your medical team know how you want your baby’s birth and how to handle labor pain. However, your plan should not be a rigid one in case of an emergency that may require your doctors deviating from your plan.
  11. Insurance details. If you or your husband has an insurance cover, contact your insurance company to add your soon to be born child to the insurance plan. Make sure to get all the details ready and pack it along with you to the hospital.
  12. Eye glasses: If you are a mom who sees with the aid of a glasses, bring it along. If you wear a contact lens, also carry your glasses along if you end up needing a c section, you may be required to take off your contacts before surgery .
  13. Massage oil: This is optional as not all women can stand to be touched during labor contractions. If you will like to be massaged to help ease off tension or pain, bring along a massage oil.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Babies( What Should I pack for the Baby For Hospital? )

  1. Outfit for the baby: Newborns are sensitive to cold. Choose outfits that are appropriate for the season. Bring along a head cap, socks and clothing that can ward off cold and warm blankets. Though the hospital will provide you with few of these, yours can come in handy.
  2. Blanket
  3. Mentholated Spirit
  4. Bathing Toiletries : This includes , soap sponge, towel etc
  5. Diaper & Wipes : Very important!
  6. Baby nail clippers or emery board. It is important to trim your baby’s nails after in order for your baby not to injure his/her face. Doctors will recommend using an emery board because the nails are still soft.
  7. Car seats: Standard hospitals won’t let you leave the hospital without one of these. It is a must have. Fix a car seat properly in and learn how to correctly strap in your baby.
  8. Mosquito Net
  9. Thermometer: You will need to check your baby’s temperature, periodically before you leave the

Hospital bag Checklist for C section

Packing a hospital bag for C-section is not quite different from that of a virginal birth. However, there are a few necessary items to include in your hospital bag to keep you comfortable before and after the surgery.

  1. Big and comfortable cotton knickers: Pack knickers that will be comfortable for you to wear. High waist cotton knickers are preferable as you can wear them over your scar. Avoid tight fitted knickers or those with shinny fabrics and embroideries as these may rub against your wound causing irritation.
  2. Maternity pads. You will still experience bleeding from your uterus same way as virginal birth. Pack along as many maternity pads as possible.
  3. Face wipes: After the surgery, moving around may be difficult and require guidance. Face wipes can help you feeling clean if you unable to go to the bathroom easily.
  4. Peppermint tea bags. After caesarian surgery, there will be a lot of pain that comes from being unable to pass gas. Peppermint tea can help soothe the pain
  5. Cardigan, shawl or blanket: some women feel shivery after caesarian surgeries. It is advisable to pack along either a cardigan, shawl or blanket in case you might feel chilly.
  6. Snacks: Pack as much snacks rich in fiber to help ease constipation.
  7. Video camera, phones, charger, memory card, books. These will help you relax before your scheduled surgery. You may also wish to capture every moment prior to the delivery of your child.

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