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Cocktail Party Bags for Ladies: Styles & Tips

A cocktail party bag is special. It is elegant, classy and unique! How do you then choose the right cocktail party bags. As always the occasion determines the outfit- including the bag. SO to know the best bags to rock to a cocktail party, lets go back to the basics!

What is Cocktail Party?

Elementarily, we can say a cocktail party is an event where guests are served cocktails. Usually, its more a of a standing event, arranged or organised so people can drink , have little finger foods and socialize. There is usually little or no sitting.

So what type of bag will a smart lady consider a perfect cocktail bag?

  1. Its not too bulky: The perfect cocktail bag is not a big handbag. Its an elegant portable purse that does not get in the way of the comfortably of its carrier. Remember you want to be as comfortable as can be at your cocktail party
  2. It has a long detachable strap: You will need all the palm room you can have! Nothing as relaxing and freeing as being able to hang you purse over your shoulder with ease.
  3. It Should be elegant!: A cocktail party is an elegant gathering! Not a run of the mill gathering you need to look sharp and good. Remember- always put your best foot forward!
  4. It Should Be Big Enough: No this does not contradict the first point! In the process of trying to get an elegant cocktail bag, sometimes we forget functionality. Your bag should contain your phone and your car keys with easy. You dont need extra baggage!

Elegant Cocktail Party Bags You Can Try

The following bags tick most if not all of the criteria we listed above. Click on them to shop

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