wedding guests with clutch purses
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Clutch Bags for Weddings:Best Designs

wedding guests with clutch purses

Looking for the perfect wedding day clutch? Understandably so! Clutch Purses for Weddings are a big deal!Choosing the right one can either make or mar your outfit.The right clutch can make your outfit  the fabulous center of attraction .So how do you shop for a good clutch. Here’s how!

A  Clutch is that small bag or purse mostly without handles or straps that come in handy when we need to carry few essentials like money, ID cards, makeup, keys and phone. A lot of women, tend to carry around things we do not really need, packing and “jam-packing” inconsequential things in our handbags but clutches help us cut down and select only the important items and still give us that extra touch of elegance.  A well-chosen clutch can transform an ordinary outfit into something magical but this fantastic piece of fashion item can either mar your entire look, or can transform you into a princess, giving a perfect finish to an outfit that looks ordinarily –plain. Clutch purse for weddings are a special kind of  bags. They have to be fabulous and catchy.They have to be stylish. Also the clutch bag  a bride will use is different from that which a wedding guest will use.

Black Clutch Bags for Weddings

A lot of times, brides/ wedding guests choose a black clutch bag for the wedding event . The reasons are not hard to understand- black clutch purses are versatile and will blend into any outfit. This feature also makes it a great asset because at the end, you can rock that same clutch purse with another outfit to another event without looking out of place.

Navy Clutch Bags for Weddings

The navy colored clutch bag is close to black but not quite- it is dark/deep blue. It shares a bit of the characteristic of versatility that the black clutch bag does though to a lesser extent. It’s a great way to hard color to your outfit without looking like you are trying too hard.

Pink Clutch Bags for Weddings

Pink clutch bags for weddings are perfect for the lady who wants to be feminine and memorable. On tip we, at Gabino Bags, will give you is to choose the shade of pink very carefully. While some shades of pink are deep and beautiful. Yet some others can be light, childish and may end up bringing a nasty feel of cheapness to your outfit.

Unique Bridal Clutch Bags

Are you a lady who loves to make a statement? Then your bridal clutch purse is an easy way to make a clear statement. Gabino Bags is Nigeria’s number 1 bag shop where you can purchase unique clutch purses that are sure to help you make a powerfully stylish statement.

Evening Clutch Purses for Weddings

There is nothing like having a stylish clutch purse that will double as the perfect clutch bag for your evening outings. If this is you aim then the followings tips will prove invaluable!

  • Choose a versatile color
  • Avoid frills and extravagant details as they may not suit a more subdued down evening out outfit
  • Ensure your clutch purse has a long chain hand . (At Gabino Bags, we ensure all our clutch bags detachable have long chain straps)

Choosing a Clutch Purse as a Bride
nigerian bride with clutch purse-min

How can we then choose the perfect clutch to grace an occasion or as a bride how do you choose a perfect clutch to give you that “wow” look on your special day?

Some brides think carrying a clutch around on a wedding day is a waste of time and even see it as an inconsequential fashion item to carry around. Not true. A clutch is more than just a fashion item, it is a very important accessory that every bride should have on her special day for a complete, stunning look

  1. Reusable: Your clutch should be something you will be able to use again; it shouldn’t be just a one-time thing. It can come in handy after the wedding either as an evening clutch or any other special events or occasions you will be attending in the future. After your wedding, you can wrap it bag in its dust bag (that is if it came with one) or in tissue and keep it safe in your wardrobe.
  2. Portable: keep the large and oversized clutches for another day as you will not be needing it on this special day. For a bridal clutch, you need something small and compact enough to carry a few essentials like lipsticks, hair pins, mints/ chewing gum, your phone and a few tissues or a handkerchief and of course your powder.
  3. Removable Sling chains or straps: your wedding day will be a beehive of activities for you and you obviously cannot keep your clutch in your hand or tucked under your arms all day as you   will need your hands when dancing or taking your vows and other activities. In the case you do not want your bride’s maid holding your clutch, you can opt for a clutch with sling chain attached that lets you sling it over your shoulders when you are tied of clutching (pun intended) and push the sling back in to the clutch when the activities are over.
  4. Match your clutch with your gown: Your clutch can either be the color of your gown, or it can match the ornaments/ crystals that adorns your gown. White of course is the default color of a bridal dress and if yours is white, then you have a wide variety of colors of clutches to choose from. You can also match it with your wedding color theme.
  5. Comfort: Of what use is that stylish, beautifully embellished bridal clutch when carrying it feels like you are holding thorns as the embellishment on it keep pricking your fingers?  After all that has been said about clutches, choose comfort over style and fashion. Choose a clutch that will feel comfortable in your hands, not too heavy.

Choosing a Clutch As a Wedding Guest
nigerian wedding guest with clutch purse

  1. Right Size and Shape:Don’t carry a clutch that is too casual or bulky when attending a wedding as it might give you a trashy look.
  2. Clutch: Clutches come in various shapes and sizes so choose one that will match your body structure. A petite woman with a large sized clutch gives her an unrealistic look; like her clutch seems to be heavier than she is. You don’t want that kind of look as a wedding guest right? So, it is advisable to go for a small and handy clutch purse or bag.
  3. Size: Always be particular about the size of your clutch when looking to purchase one. If your clutch is too tiny, it will encourage over stuffing and if your clutch is too large, it will encourage you to carry things you might not even need, giving your clutch that bulky look which can in turn ruin your outfit. So you will want to go for the right size. Not too big and not too small to give you that smart elegant look. But if you are looking to bring an additional pair of flip-flops maybe while dancing or if you will be moving about a lot at the wedding then large trendy clutch will be advisable. But for a petite woman, it is advisable to go for a clutch one size bigger than what suits your body if you will be needing extra flip flops as well.
  4. Choose the right color: Before buying a clutch, think about the color. If you wish to use the clutch only for wedding occasions, then go for bright colors that will complement your outfit to give you that wow look. If on the other hand you wish to use it on a daily basis after a one time occasion, then go for neutral colors such as black. Nude, Navy blue and clutches with crystals and embellishments.
  5. Style and design: your number one goal, when attending a wedding is to look stylish, done tactfully without trying to outshine the bride. Choose a style that is appropriate for the occasion. Certain designs and colors might work for day time outfits but not for evening, where in some cases weddings especially traditional weddings may begin in the evenings.
  6. Removable Sling: if you are one that tends to forget things when you are out, then you’d want to go for a clutch with removable sling chains or straps so you can keep it hung on your shoulders instead of dropping on the table where you might forget to pick it up afterwards.

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