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Tips for Buying Travelling Bags & Boxes

The luggage you travel with is an important detail that must not be ignore!When going on a journey either for pleasure or business , be it as far as a thousand miles or within an arm’s reach, a good travel box/bag will literally  hold your life together for the period you are away. If you are a heavy packer opting for a small box or backpack and then cramming all your essentials in it is unwise and really a bad idea. Shopping for the correct traveling box for your trip will make your journey so much easier and more relaxing.

How to Choose the Right Travelling Bag/Box

Majority of us do not place much thought on travel boxes when shopping for it; the only thing we pay attention to is the price. How cheap it is, or we pick based on their appearance instead of getting the right pieces suitable for the journey. To avoid your travel box revolting against you which trust me can be very embarrassing for you, here are tips to help guide you when shopping for a travel box.

  1. Duration of Journey: How long will you be gone for? If travelling for a very short period, say the weekend, you may need a small sized box like either a light weight carry-`on or a backpack. For a longer journey, then a rolling box will be suitable to accommodate your clothing and other items you’ll be needing to last you’re for the period of time you’d be gone.
  2. Pleasure or Business: This to an extent can help you determine the type of travel box to buy. If for a business trip, then there might be no time for pleasure so your travel box will be a lot different from the one you will need if you are going for a vacation, an event or going hiking.
  3. Means of transportation: Are you journeying via bus or taking a flight? Will you have multiple stop overs or connecting flights? If you will be moving or switching buses or planes, your travelling box should be a light carry – on or wheeled box that is easy to handle.
  4. Company/Brand: When buying a travel box of a brand or company, look into how long they’ve been in business, check the guarantee for the box which should at minimum be one year guarantee. Any company that has guarantee less than one year, walk away. Check customer review. This will help you make a decision to purchase from that particular company or brand.
  5. Price: Your traveling box should be an investment for you as it is better to purchase high quality traveling box that is expensive but can last you for a few years than cheap ones you’d replace very often. Make sure the price you are paying for a travel box is worth it. Scrutinize you piece very well to make sure there are no loose ends in the stiches and no faults with the buckles and zippers. Also take note of the fabric used.
  6. Extra weight:  Travel boxes with rolling wheels and metal handles attached for pulling or dragging are really cool, adding beautiful touches to the box but these gives additional weight to the bag.  If travelling by air, the airport weight restriction can cause you additional charges if your luggage exceeds weight limit. However, heavier boxes are likely to be more durable than lighter ones boxes.
  7. Fabric: There is no particular best fabric for travelling boxes so choosing your material should be based on what suits you. Travel boxes can be made from polyester, aluminum, ballistic nylon, leather etc. Each material has its strength and weaknesses. Also, travel boxes fabric can be divided into two soft and hard surface or cover luggage.
    The soft surface or cover luggage is the lighter of the two but still of a firm build. It efficient and easier to move and more stylish. Ballistic nylon, cordura and polyester   are the most popular and best option to choose when going for a soft cover fabric travel box. The hard cover travel luggage comes in handy if you are transporting something fragile or expensive. Most hard cover luggage are water and heat resistant and they still offer the best protection but a disadvantage of this type of travel box is that they can easily be dented or crack when thrown around or fall.
  8. Stitching, Zippers and Buckles:  Examine the stitches carefully because they are highly responsible for the durability of you travelling box also check how close the stitches are and the consistency in the patterns. Check zippers and buckles to see if they are easy to manipulate and are functional with easy when opening and closing. If the zippers are bent or appear weak, do not buy because your travel box will begin to deteriorate from that point.

Follow the tips and be sure to enjoy your travelling bags and do have a pleasant trip!

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