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Where to Buy Wholesale Bags in Nigeria(Top 5)

Where to buy wholesale bags in Nigeria is one of the top  questions for every one looking to go into the bag business.There are quite a number of stores and online sites selling both retail and wholesale fashion bags in Nigeria. 

These days, there so many are fake handbag stores sprawled across the country and the internet and if one is not careful enough, might fall  victim to these counterfeit bag dealers. But the good news is there are also genuine bag dealers who sell quality hand bags, even in large amounts, at very affordable prices and also offer the highest levels of customer service. They are not so hard to find as it only takes one knowing where to locate such stores.

Top Stores Where to Buy Wholesales Bags in Lagos, Nigeria

Looking for where to buy wholesale bags? Look no further!
Below is a listings of a few stores where we can shop for good quality bags in wholesale both offline and online.

    You cannot afford to miss out on the high standard quality bags Gabino Market offers. Located in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, Gabino Market is an online bag shop. It boasts as a company focused on bringing affordable style to Africans and sells bags at very affordable prices, from traveling boxes to school bags and backpacks to handbags and clutch purses, you will get so much better than you expected. You can visit them on gabinobags.com or follow them on Instagram @gabinobags.
    Also, when it comes to shopping for quality bags from local stores in Nigeria, top of the list of where we can buy wholesale bags is Nigeria’s very own Center of Excellence, Lagos state which harbors the second biggest market hub in Nigeria.
  2. Balogun market:
    Balogun Market is another place where you can buy wholesales bags in Lagos, Nigeria. This market lies in the very heart of Lagos Island and just a mile from Broad Street.
    I’ll tell you a secret, in Balogun market, you will get cheap bags. But there is a place called underground. That is where you get bags at wholesale prices. Those who sell on the streets on Balogun got to Underground there in Balogun to buy and resell. Balogun is one reason Lagos stands as the commercial nerve center of Nigeria. When it comes to shopping for the best in quality and fashion trendy bags this should be your number one point of call. In Balogun, precisely the Nnamdi Azikiwe axis, both locally made and imported fashion trendy bags can be purchased at wholesale. Be it bags for work for professional women or a trendy clutch purse for that suave woman, be rest assured that whatever your needs or the need of your customers may be, you will not be disappointed. Balogun market has no actual address because it sprawls across so many streets on the island. Balogun is popularly known for wholesale goods and people from Lagos and other parts of Nigeria throng into this market on a daily basis searching out goods
  3. Idumota:
    also located on Lagos Island, is the best place to buy wholesale goods including bags at a very cheap price. To navigate, you take the Orile Iganmu axis for those familiar with Lagos, and the nearest bus stop is Apongbon and Balogun. Idumota is divided into smaller sections/streets such as Oke Arin, Idumagbo and Oluwole. It is one of the largest markets in Nigeria where you can get bags of all shapes sizes and style.
  4. Oshodi: One of the biggest markets in Lagos metropolis and the second largest in Nigeria. Most people prefer shopping for items in Oshodi to other markets. You can get varieties of quality fashion bags at relatively cheap prices. Strategically located on the mainland, you can get a bus from any part of the city to convey you to Oshodi. Its nearest bus stops are Ijesha Cele, Isolo. This market harbors over 600 shops.
  5. Yaba:
    Located on the (Lagos) Mainland, and popularly known in Lagos as a cradle for two higher institutions of learning, Yaba is also famous for the Tejuoso market which is one of the busiest markets. Tejuosho Market is located in the heart of Yaba. You can varieties of goods here and fashion accessories including handbags and the prices vary depending on the quality and quality of what you intend to buy but this notwithstanding, they still offer the best prices. There are over 300 stores and shops laid out in this market however, its one place to surely purchase wholesale bags and find stock at reduced prices.


Where do you get a reliable wholesale handbag supplier? There are a lot of place to find one. On instagram , you can find different bag sellers who claim to be wholesalers too but they all shop.

The best way to shop is directly from the factories but they don’t deal with small time buyers. You have to be willing to buy bags of up to 200 units of one design. It’s better you join a wholesales group that already has a relationship with these factories. You buy cheaply. Even if you cannot buy an MOQ, you can join with other seller. We recommend the Gabino Wholesales Channel. Join the channel below to see your new updates and enjoy wholesales deal. You wont see their posts if you are not subscribed to the channel so do subscribe. If you cannot subscribe send a whatsapp message to 08055236339 to get help!

Where To Buy Wholesale Bags in Dubai

Dubai is known as an international destination for commerce. There a lot of shops where you can get bags at affordable prices. Forget the famous Dubai Mall. Items there are a bit expensive. Visit their local markets and shop for great items Dubai handbags at affordable prices. However, as has always been the case, you get what you pay for. Any time price goes low, quality actually drops.

Apart from the above listed, as stated earlier, there are so many stores local and online that offer quality bags at whole sale.

Where to Buy Designer Bags in Lagos

It’s always a scary fit to purchase designer bags in Lagos because you are not sure if it is authentic or not. One tip we will give you is to try purchasing from trusted designer bag sellers or try purchasing the thrifted versions. An example of a store that sells thrifted designer bags on Instagram is @lugayastore

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