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Fake Designer Bag(Gucci, Chanel & Louis Vuitton)?How to Spot!

Fake designer bag! Gosh that dreaded sentence.We all want to rock an authentic designer bag but how do you  tell an authentic, Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci bag from a fake one? Read on!
The excitement of getting a designer handbag cannot be quantified. But how genuine is that designer bag you are carrying? Picture this.
You finally got around to buying maybe your first designer bag ever, probably after so many months of saving up money. You can’t wait to show it off at the next big party coming up. Finally party is here, you are brandishing your purse or bag and then you hear a gasp behind you and a loud voice shouts…
“Your bag’s a fake”! You turn around and you can see a confirmation in everyone’s eyes. You look to the ground but it refuses to open up and swallow you instead it seems to be mocking you too.

How to Tell An Authentic Gucci Louis Vuitton & Chanel Bag From a Fake One

Let’s look into a very few tips on how you can recognize an authentic bag of 3 top brands

Is Your Gucci a Fake Designer Bag?

fake or authentic Gucci Dionysus bag

Gucci is one of the top three bags that are counterfeit. Everyone wants to be in the Gucci Gang but how Gucci are you if your Gucci is a fake designer bag?

  1. Dust bag: Dust bags are used to protect and keep your expensive bags free from dust, sunlight exposure and moisture. They can be used to rub off dirt from the bags too and are made of cotton. Gucci dust bags over the years have come in different styles and colors but the most common are the black and brown dust bag with GG logos printed all over, the brown with draw string and GG logo printed in gold and thirdly there is the dark brown version with “GUCCI” written in gold. Please pay attention to the font used in printing of “Gucci”, the spacing and positioning of the logo.
  2. Label: Check the label inside the bag for even stitching, clarity of the logo and the quality of the material. The fonts are the most important things to notice when spotting a fake Gucci bag. Gucci bag has a very distinct font although it may vary depending on the area of Europe it is made. Look particularly at the “U”. It should be less bold on the right than the left.
  3. “Made in Italy” Gucci handbags have a label inside with its brand name and a registered trademark circled R. Check for misspelling. Counterfeiters usually get spellings wrong
  4. Serial number: This is usually on the opposite side in the interior of a Gucci handbag label. Gucci have used different sequences, one of the most common being two sets of numbers, one above the other. Look out for spacing and check the fonts of the serial numbers. There are so many fake Gucci bags with serial numbers too. Gucci serial numbers do not include letters. A Gucci serial number should have two rows
    Stitching: Gucci pays particular attention when it comes to stitches. If you notice the stitches on the Gucci handbag you are about to purchase is tacky, sloppy and not straight, walk away. If you see glue line spilling out, walk away.
  5. Logo: Some Gucci handbags feature the double “GG” Gucci logo on the on the outside with the left “G” facing forward and the right “G” facing backwards.Some are even written as “GD”. BEWARE!

Difference Between a Fake Chanel Bag and Authentic Chanel Bagauthentic or replica chanel bag

Chanel bags are classy and timeless.They are the ultimate symbol of chic! It is therefore no surprise that a lot of ladies walking around with a Chanel are rocking nothing but a fake designer bag

  1. The CC Logo: The right “C” should overlap on top, and the left “C” should overlap at the bottom and the “CC” lock must be centered. The width of each “C” should be a match with the width of gap between the two “Cs” If the Chanel bag you are looking to buy shows otherwise, then it’s a fake.
  2. Zippers: Chanel zippers are changed depending on the year the bag was manufactured. Check if the zippers on you bag corresponds with the year it was produced.
  3. Style lock: The lock on a real Chanel bag is much flatter in shape and wider in font. A counterfeit bag may not g
  4. Authenticity card. Check the authenticity card. The serial number on your Chanel bag should match that on your authenticity card. Although authenticity cards are easy to duplicate, check if the details on the card are straight and aligned.
  5. Chain strap: Genuine Chanel bags chain straps are heavier than that of a fake and the stitches on the leather of the chain strap should be neat and straight.
  6. Made in Italy. Chanel bags always carry the “made in Italy” label or France. They will not bear a “made in Paris”
  7. Dust bag: On the handbag’s dust bag, “Chanel” is written in white, bold letters and perfectly centered at the middle.
  8. Serial number cards: Chanel does not produce serial numbers of 9 digits or more
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How to Spot An Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag and a Fake One.Real and fake louis vuitton bag

  1. Stitches: Stitches on a real LV bag are perfectly done. Tacky and sloppy stitches gives it out as a counterfeit bag.
  2. Patterns: Authentic Louis Vuitton bags have equal and well matched patterns which are proportionate. If the patterns does not match up with itself, it is likely to be a fake.
  3. Tags: Louis Vuitton bags do not have the tags attached. It is separate and mostly found in the pocket of the bag.
  4. Interior lining: Inspect the inside linings as fakes usually use cheap plastic or sued to line their bags.
  5. Logos: If the logos appear to be tilted, smudged or blurred, it is a fake. But note also that specific styles made with a continuous panel of canvas can have their logos upside down on one side.
  6. Packaging: Louis Vuitton handbags come unadorned. This brand will not wrap its bag handles in plastic or paper to keep them safe.
    The dust bags are really simple and made of 100 percent cotton with a neat finishing.
    Reading reviews on these designer bags from their websites and knowing all about them will help greatly in recognizing an authentic designer bags.

In this time and age, where counterfeiters are becoming experts at copying designer brands.It is not uncommon to come across fake bags that have all the listed.The only way to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic designer bag is to buy from a trusted store. One that is authenticated by the designer brands themselves. Don’t waste your money buying fakes.Ensure you buy the original!

In this series of bags, we will be giving you tips on how to spot fake and original bags. At Gabino,w e are advocates of authenticity when it comes to designer bags. Fake bags reaps designer brands of their hard work and intellectual property.It also makes you- the carrier look bad.

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