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After Wedding Dress/Reception in Nigeria

Before we go into the different types of best bridal reception dresses for weddings, lets share, from experience, some of the top tips for choosing and happily rock one for your wedding day.

Best Bridal Reception Dresses – Tips for Choosing

  • Now you Can Play with Color! : Brides may choose to stay traditional when it comes to choosing a wedding dress, however, a wedding reception dress is the place to let you color taste come out to play! Yellow, pink blue, black.. there is no restriction!
  • Length Depends on You!: Long or short? It depends wholeheartedly on you! Some brides opt for the the long regal look, others opt for the short club-style look, just what you want and get ready for the dance floor!
  • Don’t leave out your clutch purse: When choosing a second dress for their reception, a lot of brides forget to pay attention to their clutch purses! It is important too. You can purchase gorgeous clutch purses from Gabino Bags at friendly prices!
  • Show-Off Your Personal Style!: Is your style edgy? Or is it cute and princessy? Are you more inclined to be sexy? What ever is your personal touch, now is the time to let it shine through!
  • Don’t Forget your wedding’s Overall Theme: When choosing a reception dress, don’t completely neglect your overall theme and choosing a dress far from the look and fell at your wedding. Let it flow and tie into the theme. It could be with a themed accessory or whatever you go with
  • Dress is Just a Word!: Do you know that your second dress does not have to be a dress?Yes dress is just a word! It can be a jumpsuit, dress or gown
  • Comfort is King!: You probably wore a larger than life gown and a heavy veil as your wedding dress. With
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your wedding gown before running off to change!

After Wedding Dresses in Lagos

Reception Dresses in Lagos

Reception dresses are another name for second dress. Most brides wear more than one dress- their main wedding gown and their reception dresses

Second Dress for Wedding Reception

A second dress for a bride is the dress she wears at her reception. It is also called the reception dress. It is worn right after the wedding gown and is seen as the dress the bride will party in. The second dress or reception dress is usually a hybrid between glamorous and slightly comfortable.

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