corporate attires for women
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20 Do’s & Don’t for Office Wear for Ladies in Nigeria

How we dress and look plays an important role in the way we are being addressed in modern society offices.

According to career experts, one’s appearance can depict your performance and it will be wise to always dress smartly to offices.

corporate attires for women

Casual wears are now gaining popularity in offices, and sometimes it is quite demanding to understand the rules of having the best appearance.


We have carefully done our research based on fashion trends, career, and etiquettes, and the norm in lady’s office wears in Nigeria and we have come up with the do’s and don’ts for office wears.

Below are the 20 do’s & don’ts for office wears for ladies in Nigeria, check them out!

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  1. Wear clothes that fit:
    This can actually sound straightforward and plain but a lot of ladies always get it wrong. Make sure your clothes are not too small or too big for you. Under size or oversize might raise eyebrows in offices.
  2. Follow your office dress code:
    Every office has their rules and dress code that might limit how you want to dress. Always wear the dress code and look modest in it.
  3. Ditch glasses and if you must, wear the ones that fit:
    If you are wearing your office wears, ditch your glasses. If you must wear glasses due to your eye condition, wear the ones that fit, and is not falling off from your nose. Glasses that don’t fit can cause distractions.
  4. Wear your hair up and dry:
    When you are all dressed for work, always make sure your hair is up and not flowing on your shoulders to cause distractions. And also, your hair shouldn’t be wet; it can portray you as being not organized and someone that doesn’t have her life together.
    wet hair
  5. Keep your bags clean and well arranged:
    It would be embarrassing to see your personal things falling off from your purse or bag. Your bag should look clean inside and outside, it will make you look smart and well-coordinated.
  6. Wear neat and polished shoes:
    In offices today, the first thing a colleague notices when he or she sees you is your shoe. Always wear shoes that are in good conditions, neat and well-polished to match your office wears.
  7. Wear colors that are rich and statement filled:
    When matching colours, play close attention to it. It is generally believed that colours that are dark convey a strong impression than colours that are lighter. To portray authority and sophisticated, wear colours that are rich and gives you a representation.
  8. Wear simple and light jewelry:
    Once you are fully dressed, wear jewelry that is very simple and light. Heavy and big jewelry can cause noise and distractions in the office.
  9. Wear sleeves on strap tops:
    Always wear a sleeve in the form of a jacket or even a sweater when on a strappy top or a dress. Note that the sleeves can be taken off when you start feeling hot.
  10. Wear nude pantyhose:
    Pantyhose can be worn to offices especially if you are wearing a very short gown or if you don’t want to expose your legs. Choose a nude color hose to match your outfit.


  1. Stay away from neon and flashy colors:
    Neon colors are generally flashy and can cause a distraction in the office. It will be best if you can avoid them.
  2. Don’t dress too sexy:
    Wearing clothes that are termed inappropriate, usually created a wrong impression and can cause distractions in the office. Your hemlines shouldn’t be too short, and your outfit shouldn’t be too revealing.
  3. Don’t use too many accessories :
    Normally, your accessories are supposed to complement your dressing and enhance it. Over-accessorizing can make you look rough instead, reduce your accessories by keeping it simple.
  4. Never wear clothes that reveal your bra straps:
    Your bra straps should be kept out of the public eyes in an office. Revealing camisoles can also be termed inappropriate especially if it has tiny straps.
  5. Never wear a see-through outfit to an office:
    See-through outfits can raise eyebrows and be termed inappropriate in the working place environment. A tiny peek of transparency can be seen as something to cause distractions. It will be best to avoid them.
  6. Never wear your hair wet to the office:
    Why should you wear wet hair when it is not even raining? Dry hair makes you look neatly dressed and sharp. Blow dry wet hairs before going to the office.
  7. Stay away from heels that are comfortable to walk in:
    If your heels are slowing you down, or giving you a headache, stay away from them. Wear heels that you can comfortably walk in and carry out your activities with ease.
  8. Don’t wear heavy cologne or perfumes:
    Heavy cologne or perfumes can sometimes distract people and everyone tries to notice who walked in. rather stick to perfumes with mild scents.
  9. Don’t wear fabrics that are flying and flimsy:
    Go for fabrics that are sturdy and knits instead of flying and flimsy ones that can easily expose your body when you bend over or trip.
  10. Don’t wear skirts that are too short:
    When you get to bend over, short skirts tend to expose your body. Go for a longer skirt or just stick to pants!

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