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10 Things Every Diaper/Baby Bag Should Have

Before you go ahead to buy that diaper bag or baby bag from Jumia, Konga or Gabino Bags this article is the super necessary guide you need to take a look at.

Being a mum who has successfully meandered the early baby days of having a child, I’ll be honest , there are still a lot of things you won’t know unless you experience it. I will give you some tips that you will find useful when placing an order for a diaper/baby bag

  1. An Insulator is a Must for any diaper bag:
    You will find this feature very useful. Imagine when you quickly make a bottle for an event you are attending with your cute little one. This insulator pockets will keep those bottles warm a little longer give you more time to do other things instead of just running off to make a bottle
  2. Versatile Carriage:
    A diaper bag should make it easy for you to carry. It is not every time you want to hang that heavy bag on your shoulder. Sometime you need the short handle, other times, you want your hands free and the bag hand on your shoulder. Which ever the case, you need a flexible carriage system. I like diaper bags that have long straps and different modes of carriage
  3. Not Just your Baby Things!
    A good diaper bag should also have space for some of your must owns. Think a casual stroll out where you don’t want to carry any more bags- the diaper bag should have a little space for your car keys and a few little things
  4. Multi Compartmentalized:
    There is nothing as a disappointing as a gorgeous baby bag without enough compartments! Are you going to throw in all your items into a bag and everything fall over. Imagine things spilling, things getting lost and not been available when you need them? That’s the nightmare when you don’t have a well compartmentalized diaper bag! Choose a good compartmentalization system so you have a place for everything and keep everything in it’s place
  5. Smart Positioning;
    In addition to what I stated above, not only do you want your diaper bag well-compartmentalized, you also want it smartly compartmentalized. What do I mean by that? Take for example- as a mum, you know that one of the things you reach out for and use frequently is the baby wipes. Imagine the compartment has been placed at the bottom of the bag- that’s terrible. Choose a bag like this on from Gabino Bags. It’s has been so smartly place that you don’t even have to move drop the bag- you reach out and easily grab a quick essential like a wipe
  6. Quality:
    Quality is so important. Buy from a company like Gabino bags that takes pride in ensuring that it’s bags and items are quality. Do you know there can be different grades and qualities even for the same design of bag? Be discerning mum!
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